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Re: [Axiom-developer] spool bug?

From: William Sit
Subject: Re: [Axiom-developer] spool bug?
Date: Thu, 08 Jul 2004 00:58:18 -0400

Thanks, Tim for putting this as request 9581.  Would it be easier then to
provide a lisp command (maybe there is even already one) that duplicates the
)sys cat function? or some piping mechanism back to lisp? (Is the command )read
working with terminal i/o from lisp or does it also start a new shell?)

Unless, of course, if there are other )sys commands that one wants to capture
... I can think of commands like ls or ps but these seem not to be as critical
for documentation as cat.


root wrote:
> William,
> )spool is working with terminal i/o from lisp.
> )sys starts a new shell with its own i/o rather than using the lisp i/o.
> So it's not really a bug but a request for a feature change.
> In theory it should be possible to capture the i/o stream from the
> shell and redirect it thru a lisp i/o stream but that would require a
> different system call from the underlying lisp. I'll look at the code
> and see what it currently does. If there is a way that lisp will let
> me capture the output I'll rewrite )sys.
> Tim

> This request is Feature 9581 which has been added to the bug tracking.

William wrote:

> My request therefore: Is it difficult to modify spool so it will also capture
> all the output from a system command like cat? (I don't expect spool to 
> capture
> other than "terminal" type output streams.)

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