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RE: [Axiom-developer] Re: AXIOM book project on Axiom Portal

From: Bill Page
Subject: RE: [Axiom-developer] Re: AXIOM book project on Axiom Portal
Date: Sat, 10 Jul 2004 04:52:51 -0400


On Friday, July 09, 2004 1:06 PM you wrote:
> I think 'StructuredText + Latex' not appearing is due to 
> Simon not merging one of my patches into zwiki.  I'll bug him 
> about it.  Fix it by replacing your zwiki with a darcs repository:
>     darcs get -t release-0-32-0
> Then grab my patch:
>     darcs pull
> The patch you want is:
>     Fri Jun 25 12:32:03 PDT 2004  address@hidden
>       * Consolidate ALLOWED_* PageTypes in pagetypes/ classes.
>         No functionality change with this patch.


Ok, after a long struggle I now have the AxiomWiki stuff working
with the newest versions of both Zwiki and LatexWiki ... many
long steps mostly related to the images directory relative
path problem (again) which I did not recognize at first and
then some changes in the Axiom interface code to use the
right method to get the full path names. Phew!

After all that, the printing from IE is muct better :) however
it is still cut-off a bit on the right hand side. Any ideas
about what might be causing this? This didn't happen when
printing from Zope/Zwiki with IE in the versions of Zwiki
and LatexWiki. I have attached a sample pdf file created by
IE from

I can send you the patches against your version of LatexWiki
in darcs, if you like. I am not yet familiar enough with
darcs to know how to do it directly.

In the process of debugging, I also setup a fully separate
test environment on so as not to
disturb what's working so far and what I am about to
announce more widely. This will make it easier to test new
versions and changes. When I am sure that the test version
is working, then I will migrate it to the "production"

The url for the test version (Plone only so far) is:

> Also, the in-line equations on your pages are a few px below 
> the surrounding text.  Did you set the parameter 
> latex_align_fudge?  (to make it look okay in IE perhaps?)

No I didn't change it. The funny thing is that they appear
just a little too high in IE but a little too low in Mozilla.
For example check this

in both browsers.

Doesn't this happen in the Zope and Plone 1 versions?

Bill Page.

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