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[Axiom-developer] Axiom support with LatexWiki

From: Bill Page
Subject: [Axiom-developer] Axiom support with LatexWiki
Date: Sun, 26 Sep 2004 23:22:49 -0400

On Sunday, September 26, 2004 3:48 PM Bob McElrath
address@hidden wrote:
> ... 
> But we really need to have people setting this up in a chroot
> jail.  I have been reading up on this...we need a script to
> create the jail.

This would certainly be desirable for Internet use (such as on
MathAction), but for stand alone (localhost only) access it is
not so relevant.

The concept of the "Doyen" that Tim is pursuing is that people
will install a local copy of LatexWiki and use it as an Axiom
front-end. Some of the local pages would later be uploaded to
an Internet accessible system like MathAction. The idea is that
(most) people prefer to make mistakes and learn in private in
an environment that they trust (their own machine). If the
uploading and downloading of pages can be made reasonably
seamless, then this model might go at least part way to solving
the collaboration problem - it helps people avoid the perception
of loss of control and lack of privacy that some people associate
with using web-based systems.

> > I promised Tim that I would set something up for this, but I
> > have not yet had the time. If you have some time to write up
> > a short description of how you did it, I think it would be
> > most appreciated.
> I would like to distribute axiom support with LatexWiki.  I 
> have tied my version numbers to ZWiki, and they will release
> 0.35 on 10/1.  Do you think we could add this by then?  (or
> maybe a bit after to ensure 0.35 compatibility)

I am willing to help but I still don't know enough to make this
happen. I would say that it depends on your own availability.

> Bill our darcs repos have diverged, your patches no longer 
> apply cleanly to latexwiki.  I have moved the functions
> 'runCommand' and 'log' into so that they can be used
> by axiom/reduce.  There are a couple other conflicts too
> (I improved plone/stylesheet in latexwiki.css).  Why do you
> have a font-size +2 in your latexwiki.css?

Honestly, I forget. I think it must have had something to do
with trying to get proper image-text alignment - which is still
not quite right and I don't know why. The alignment is fine
on your site but has never been quite right on MathAction. As I
recall there are some differences in the versions of ghostscript
and PIL between your setup and the one on MathAction. But I
don't know enough to say whether that is the cause or even if
it is, what would be the fix (other than backing out to
previous versions ):

> Will you have time to merge this in the next week or two?

Do you mean: upgrade MathAction to the newest LatexWiki and ZWiki
and record compatible changes in the MathAction repository?
Answer: Maybe, but don't count on it. If I can, it will be
before Thursday this week. After that I am tied up for nearly
a month and I want to get this "pamphlet" thing working before

> FYI, I have gotten MathML/LatexWiki working in Plone::

I like the way you have configured Plone! Simpler. I think
I might try to make the Axiom Portal look more like that.

> You will need my zwiki patches to do that::

> Hopefully I will get those into ZWiki 0.35 but I haven't
> been able to get Simon's attention in the last couple of
> days.  ;)

MathML is not a priority for me right now but the new version
of Reduce (not yet on MathAction) is supposed to be able to
generate MathML directly. It might be interesting to compare
the results of directly generated MathML versus LaTeX to MathML
via ITeX.

Bill Page.

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