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[Axiom-developer] Re: How to use MathAction

From: Martin Rubey
Subject: [Axiom-developer] Re: How to use MathAction
Date: Fri, 1 Oct 2004 14:43:16 +0000

Dear William,

this post adresses only the simple issue at the end of your mail. I'll have to
think a few minutes about the more complicated issues before...

William Sit writes:

 > Martin Rubey wrote:
 > > Would you be able to write down as cleanly as possible the two proposals
 > > and add them add them at the bottom of
 > > 
 > >
 > > 
 > I visited your page and it is taken from your posts. However, we have posted
 > back and forth and as you said, comments cannot be taken out of context and
 > in email, we quote each other. I don't know how to do that in mathaction.

That was not my intention. (By the way, please replace "able" by "so kind".

 > I could be wrong, but my impression is that the attractiveness of mathaction
 > pages is that you can run live Axiom code and it is browser based. So I
 > think it is an ideal platform for documentation or summaries with examples,

Exactly. So what I meant: write a short summary of your proposal, and modify
the page like

Proposal 1:


Proposal 2:


 > but a rather poor platform for casual discussion. For example, one can only
 > add comments at the bottom, making it difficult to refer to lines or codes
 > on the page.

That's only correct if you want to use it via email. I wouldn't suggest
that. What you can do is: press edit, copy the whole content of the page into
your favorite text editor, modify it, paste it back.

 > But even if it becomes more fancy like MS Word, 


 > Despite the extra effort, in order that someone not familiar with the issues
 > can follow, the pages have to be tutorial in style.  


 > And that takes rewriting.  I don't know how detail or how brief I should
 > write (that is, who will be the readers?)

Well, I'd say, those who followed the thread a long time ago and want to make
up their mind what was their conclusion. I.e., no more than 20 lines.

 > I don't like text files and much prefer LaTeX to get pdf or dvi output. 

You can (and should) use LaTeX (where appropriate)!

 > Lots of text editors don't have good line breaks (or paragraph reflow) and
 > arbitrarily change them (like most email programs). 

Don't worry about line breaks.

Here are the essentials, mostly from the help page (5th button on the top left
of every mathaction page)

Formatting rules in a nutshell

When you save a page, Zwiki normally applies standard ZWiki:TextFormattingRules
- most often ZWiki:StructuredText, which is described here; wiki linking rules;
and some additional formatting for comments.

paragraphs: non-blank lines are run together to form a paragraph; paragraphs
            are separated by blank lines (PLEASE: keep your lines shorter than
            80 chars in your source. That makes the diff's a lot easier to
headings: a one-line "paragraph" followed by a more-indented paragraph makes a
          heading. Tip: you need only indent the first line.
lists: a paragraph beginning with - or a number followed by a space makes a
       bullet or numbered list item; a more-indented list item starts a
links: [ProgrammingAxiom]
code: short text enclosed in single quotes is quoted, i.e. displayed in
      monospace font and protected from some of the above formatting. For
      reliable quoting of a body of text, indent it after a paragraph ending
      with a double colon ::

       Like this (edit this page to see source).  This is the surest way to
       prevent WikiLinks, <HTML tags> and &dtml-tags; and preserve fixed-width

don't bother trying to learn all the text formatting rules and their
interactions. Mimic the text around you; when it does something unexpected,
tweak it until it looks right; go to the docs or ask for help when you get
really stuck or curious.

 > The text file would have to include Axiom code fragments as examples. I don't
 > know how to get "live" axiom with mathaction, the way your pages look.


 > Well, I think this is truely a joint effort and fruitful discussion. I
 > wouldn't have thought of the problem (or proposal) if you didn't raise
 > it. So, thanks.

It's a pleasure. And I'd like to thank you for your patience, too!


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