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Re: [Axiom-developer] Re: Quick question on the symbol issue:

From: Camm Maguire
Subject: Re: [Axiom-developer] Re: Quick question on the symbol issue:
Date: 01 Oct 2004 10:19:58 -0400
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Greetings, and please excuse the delayed reply.

Martin Rubey <address@hidden> writes:

> Hi Camm!
>  > As noted in the comment, regardless of resetNew(), subsequent invocations 
> of
>  > new() will start where the counter left off, unless one adds code to
>  > unintern the specified symbols, which in this case might wipe out a symbol
>  > explicitly specified by the user.  Don't know what is best here, though I
>  > suspect the latter.
> I don't understand what you explain here. What symbols do you mean with
> "specified symbols"?

new() ->%A
new() ->%B
new() ->%C
new() ->%A
new() ->%B
new() ->%C

before the patch

new() ->%A
new() ->%B
new() ->%C
new() ->%D
new() ->%E
new() ->%F

after.  As we inspect the package for pre-existing symbols in
selecting the index for new, we need to wipe out those symbols on

> If you can spare time I suggest that you look at 
> The TodoList currently seems a bit outdated to me. I will update it when I get
> to it. However, I'm not that good at rating what's important and what's not
> that urgent. I find that there are not that many severe unfixed bugs known at
> the moment (on the other hand: a (mathematical) bug is one bug too many), so
> maybe a windows port and more functionality (mathswise) has higher priority.
Thanks for the list!  The one that leaps out to me is the
hypergeometric series.  Is there no such support in axiom so far?  In
all honesty, I have not yet acquired sufficient experience using
axiom, as I'm too busy supporting its build infrastructure, along with
that of acl2 and maxima.  I feel I could comment more meaningfully
after spending some time trying to apply axiom to real problems.

The windows port is an obvious low hanging fruit which I'm happy to
help with.  Unfortunately, I have no such machine, nor access to one.
Perhaps someone who has such a box on a fast network connection could
enable ssh access.  Tools needed would be msys, mingw, gdb, emacs, and
a shell.  I'm hoping the graphics will stay out of the way.  Our GCL
windows expert has done this for a time, but it was his home machine
and was understandably quite inconvenient.

> Maybe you could also add to the WishList what would be a real goody for a
> physicist?

Feyncalc.  Actually this one might go at the top.

Another thing I receive requests for are graphics and the hyperdoc
documentation facility.

There is a lot of work to do with GCL too, so at most one of these
might get a small fraction of my spare cpu cycles, alas.

Take care,

> Thanks again,
> Martin
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