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RE: [Axiom-developer] Re: Setting up AxiomWiki within Zope

From: Bill Page
Subject: RE: [Axiom-developer] Re: Setting up AxiomWiki within Zope
Date: Fri, 1 Oct 2004 22:36:54 -0400


Let me try to do this for you (Bob: Don't let that stop
you from doing it another way or correcting me ... :)

Zope: is an "integrated application development environment"
consisting of a web server (Zserver) and an object-oriented
database (ZODB) based on the idea of persistent objects
and classes. Zope is written in Python and was originally
a commercial product of Zope Corporation before it went
"open source" (It is still a commercial product in the
sense that Zope Corporation continues to make money from
it's earlier effort, albeit in a different way.)

ZWiki and Plone are two of quite a large number of
applications built using Zope. More specifically these
applications are (usually) build according to a "layered"
architecture that takes full advantage of the object-
orientation at a fairly high level (almost everything
is an object or an attribute of an object, including
web pages, images, files, etc.). Each object has associated
"methods" etc.

Plone is a portal application that is built on top of a
layer called the Content Management Framework (CMF).
CMF provide the object model for distributed management
of website contents. CMF is built directly on Zope.

ZWiki fits into the hierarchy roughly at the same layer
as CMF - just above Zope. Both CMF and ZWiki  define
object types that are inherited by Plone.


Now, are you more confused or less? :) Actually, if you
look at some of the correspondence and history of Zope,
you will find that many (most?) people start out being
quite confused and challenged about this approach. Some
people can't stand it and turn to very different tools
which have similar functionality but are more conventional
such as PHP. Other people are more willing to forget a
lot of the things they thought they knew about computer
systems design and start over, learn Zope from the ground
(Python) up. Often the latter people seem to love it so
much they go one to proselytize about it to others.

Bill Page.

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> Subject: Re: [Axiom-developer] Re: Setting up AxiomWiki within Zope
> Bob,
> Can you give me a 3 sentence description of the relationship between
> Zwiki, Plone, and Zope? I'm clearly confused about it.
> Tim

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