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[Axiom-developer] GCL on Zaurus Debian - segmentation violation

From: Page, Bill
Subject: [Axiom-developer] GCL on Zaurus Debian - segmentation violation
Date: Tue, 5 Oct 2004 16:35:49 -0400


Do you know of any successful reports of GCL on Debian Arm,
in particular with Debian on Zaurus?

Recently I have managed to install native debian on the
Zaurus SL-6000. Following the recipes at 


Debian seems to run great including apt-get etc. although
I do have a problem with the X-windows Fbvnc thing. See

Of course the first thing I though of after getting apt-get
running was to install axiom. This went thru fine (takes
a fairly long time - about 2 hours) and seems to complete
normally. BUT when I tried to start axiom it aborted immediately
with a "Segmentation violation". Most other Debian arm
applications however seem to run fine. So I thought I would
try gcl itself. After a little rearranging of the limited
space on the Zaurus SD card, I managed to apt-get install
gcl. But :( it also seg faults on startup. Then I noticed
that when I searched for Debian packages via the web, there
is a version 5.9.1-2 for debian arm. Unfortunately it also
seg faults. So, in desperation I thought I might try maxima...
seg fault. Then I noticed that had a
slightly older version of maxima_5.9.0-27_arm.deb
(apt-get install found version-28) as the current. But it
seems that version-27 was built using clisp ... <sigh>. So,
apt-get install clisp. Surprize! clisp works fine (+ 1 1).
And downloading the maxima version-27 from pocketworkstation
and running dpkg --install works! 1+1; So I am +2 for clisp
and maxima but zip for gcl and axiom :(

Can you suggest what I might try next? If GCL really does
work on arm (I presume it does work on some arm system or
it wouldn't be in the debian archive at all, right?) What
could be wrong with the Zaurus configuration? Could there
be some library dependency that apt-get is not resolving

Bill Page.

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