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[Axiom-developer] RE: Test summary

From: Mike Thomas
Subject: [Axiom-developer] RE: Test summary
Date: Wed, 8 Dec 2004 12:36:16 +1000

Thanks Tim.

| The tests do ')set message test on'
| If a test fails it prints out:
| Daly bug:
| so do
| cd int/input
| fgrep Daly *.output | uniq
| and you'll see which tests fail. Some of these failures have been
| there since the code was shipped to NAG so it is not necessarily
| the case that they have been introduced locally.

How does this list look compared to yours?

$ fgrep Daly *.output | uniq
bugs.output:Daly Bug
calculus2.output:Daly Bug
collect.output:Daly Bug
curl.output:Daly Bug
dhtri.output:Daly Bug
easter.output:Daly Bug
equation2.output:Daly Bug
exit.output:Daly Bug
exlap.output:Daly Bug
expr.output:Daly Bug
exsum.output:Daly Bug
ffrac.output:Daly Bug
file.output:Daly Bug
float1.output:Daly Bug
fname.output:Daly Bug
fname1.output:Daly Bug
fns.output:Daly Bug
grpthry.output:Daly Bug
gstbl.output:Daly Bug
herm.output:Daly Bug
ico.output:Daly Bug
kafile.output:Daly Bug
knot2.output:Daly Bug
lexp.output:Daly Bug
lib.output:Daly Bug
multiple.output:Daly Bug
ndftip.output:Daly Bug
nepip.output:Daly Bug
noptip.output:Daly Bug
nqip.output:Daly Bug
nsfip.output:Daly Bug
parabola.output:Daly Bug
pat.output:Daly Bug
r21bugs.output:Daly Bug
repa6.output:Daly Bug
segbind.output:Daly Bug
textfile.output:Daly Bug
torus.output:Daly Bug
tutchap1.output:Daly Bug
tutchap2.output:Daly Bug
tutchap4.output:Daly Bug
void.output:Daly Bug
xpoly.output:Daly Bug

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