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Re: [Axiom-developer] Release?

From: William Sit
Subject: Re: [Axiom-developer] Release?
Date: Sun, 12 Dec 2004 15:27:08 -0500

root wrote:
> Martin, Bill,
> I ran the install script on a windows box and at completion (when I click
> 'finish') it starts axiom but immediately fails with the message:
> Error: Cannot open the file 
> c:/cvs/head/axiom/mnt/windows/algebra/compress.daase
> However, an axiom icon appears on the desktop and clicking on that works.
> I'm really quite impressed. It worked on a normally installed windows
> system with no problems that I can see. Amazing. Simply amazing.

I tested installation on A Dell machine (P4) running Windows 98SE using the

The installation proceeds smoothly and I had chosen custom install which
includes the checkbox: Add to path, Documentation, Source Code (all checked).
(Custom is selected automatically as a consequence). The path was the default
path c:\Program Files\axiom.

I rebooted the system, as requested. An axiom folder appears in the
Start->Program menu and clicking on Axiom->Axiom starts a MSDOS Windows, with
Axiom started, but giving the same error message as Tim gets (and the system
stay in BOOT>>). I then click on the Desktop icon Axiom, same thing (unlike
Tim's response).

Two comments:
(1) If the system fails after starting, I suggest that in addition to the error
message, then a message on how to get out of BOOT and Axiom be given, returning
to DOS. (The :H does not help in the Windows 98SE DOS because it is limited to
24 lines). Of course, one can always kill the DOS window, but that does not give
a good impression.
(2) Better still, since most Windows users will not be familiar or even know
what BOOT is, and the :H listing will look like gibberish, it should perhaps not
be the default setting (that is do not go into BOOT at error).

Now I repeat testing installation on another Windows machine (running XP
Professional (SP2), and the path is J:\Program Files\Axiom, and I have exactly
what Tim got (error in DOS when click finish after installation; but no problem
with Desktop icon start, and no problem with Start->Program->Axiom->axiom start
-- this is contrary to the Windows 98SE version).

Thanks a million to all who worked hard to make Axiom running for Windows.


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