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RE: [Axiom-developer] [TeXmacs]

From: Bill Page
Subject: RE: [Axiom-developer] [TeXmacs]
Date: Sat, 18 Dec 2004 11:06:51 -0500

On Saturday, December 18, 2004 10:05 AM address@hidden

>On 17 Dec 2004 at 20:32, billpage wrote:
>> -5  Finally a new experimental Native Windows TeXmacs-Axiom
>> interface is available for testing:
>> -
>> -   - "native
>> -
>> -  Please help us test it. It installs the same away as the cygwin
>>    program (by manually
>> -  copying the file) but no cygwin1.dll file is required.

It is probably not obvious from the line folding of the
original email, but what you are quoting here is actually the
old version (leading minus '-' sign) of the instructions. The
new version appears immediately after this without any minus
signs. This type of notice is automatically generated by
MathAction when a page is updated. In most cases it is probably
best to refer to the web page itself referenced at the bottom
of the message.

  forwarded from

(be careful that the url is complete starting with http: and ending
with .org)

> I downloaded, renamed tmwin_axiom.exe to
> tm_axiom.exe and copied it on the cygwin tm_axiom.exe. But Axiom
> inside TeXmacs does not work any more, while it works with the
> cygwin tm_axiom.exe.

Could you be a little more specific about what you see in
TeXmacs with the new version? Do you see the red --> prompt
from Axiom when you click Insert/Session/Axiom? is the first version of the new tm_axiom program
that I uploaded last week. There is a new flavour available this
week along with an updated Axiom binary included in the most recent
axiom-windows-0.1.2.exe install file.

However, I would have expected that old version to work since
the changes did not have anything to do with the basic function.

As a test (although this is not normally how you would use it)
could you try running tm_axiom from the cygwin command window?
It should start and wait for input. If you type something like


followed by Enter, then you should see LaTeX output from Axiom.

If this doesn't happen there is a basic problem starting tm_axiom.

I have seen this happen so far only on one system (Windows 2000)
where I tried to install TeXmacs and Axiom. On that system AXIOMsys
runs ok from the command line, but if I type tm_axiom from the
command line, it starts and immediately exits with no message.
I am not sure what is causing this since exactly the same program
when copied to another system with Axiom runs fine.

On the test system where it fails, I do not have local admin rights
and the directory Program Files is protected from change. So I am
forced to installed Axiom and TeXmacs in a non-default location.
Still both Axiom and TeXmacs separately seem to run properly.

Since the only difference between that system where it fails
and other systems where it works is that fact that my access
privileges are considerably restricted where it fails, I suspect
that perhaps there is some missing operating system privilege
that is required by the new tm_axiom program because it uses
threaded execution? Windows XP has similar, and perhaps even
more elaborate access controls, to Windows 2000.

If possible, could you try re-installing the latest Windows
version from

as the Administrator user of your XP system?

Then simply delete the tm_axiom.exe program from the cygwin
directory. Cygwin will then automatically find the new tm_axiom
from the Axiom directory which has been automatically added to
the path.

Let me know if this works. And if it does, do you have any
clue about what the specific operating system privilege might
be that makes this work when run as Administrator?

> I have a further question about the cygwin tm_axiom.exe :
> the output of the example 
> integrate (1/(x**3 * (a+b*x)**(1/3),x)
> in tutorial axiom-intro.pdf by Jenks et al. is displayed on
> one line in TeXmacs, not on three lines as in the tutorial.
> Is it normal with the current version of axiom_tm, or is it
> specific to the Windows version (I did not try on Linux)? Is
> it this behaviour that the new axiom_tm ought to correct? 

That is the behaviour of the old tm_axiom interface program
on both cygwin and Linux. It does not include any special LaTeX
line breaking code. Unfortunately TeXmacs is not able to do
line-breaking in most of the cases of LaTeX generated by Axiom
output. The newest version of tm_axiom that is included with
axiom-windows-0.1.2.exe does include the Axiom specific
line-breaking code (the save as originally written by Robert
Sutor and used in the production of the Axiom book). If you
can get that to work, then the output should look identical to
the book.

> My installation is under WinXP, and the tm_axiom.exe I used
> is the one in TeXmacs-1.0.4-4.tar.bz2 obtained from Cygwin
> site.

Thank you for trying this. If you can let me know the results
of what I suggested above, I would be very happy to try to
continue to assist you to get this working.

Bill Page.

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