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[Axiom-developer] Re: software archeology / new structure on MathAction

From: Martin Rubey
Subject: [Axiom-developer] Re: software archeology / new structure on MathAction
Date: Mon, 27 Dec 2004 12:55:07 +0100

Dear Tim, *

Tim Daly writes:
 > Martin,
 > >I hope I'm not being too annoying: I still did not get permission to use
 > >the email adresses provided on the old earthlink page. I really would like
 > >to send this out...
 > sorry, just saw this email...
 > you can use the addresses. do you have them? the earthlink page is gone.  i
 > can find them around here if you don't have them.

Yes, using the internet archive :-)

 > btw, use address@hidden for email. i only look at my work email when i come
 > to work but i monitor the address@hidden address all day.

Hmm, in fact I usually send it to address@hidden I thought you were just too

If there are no comments within the next few hours, I'll send out

tomorrow morning (European time) to sci.math.symbolic and the Tim's email

Furthermore, there will be a proposal for a new FrontPage on

shortly. I thought a little about a sensible structure, unfortunately I left
the notes at home, so I can only tell you that I arrived something more or less
OK... I found that it's not that easy, since there are several different "User"

* the sponsor who wants to check that his name is mentioned often enough, and
  maybe is interested in some superficial facts

* the guy passing by, who is mainly interested in some superficial facts, but
  might want to try it out.

* the newbie looking for help solving his homework

* the advanced user, who is looking for something very specific

* the developer...

If you like it, I'll make it the "real" FrontPage and you can then make
MathAction the new homepage. In any case, I will have transferred everything
until tomorrow morning.


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