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Re: [Axiom-developer] RE: AxiomUI project funded

From: Kai Kaminski
Subject: Re: [Axiom-developer] RE: AxiomUI project funded
Date: Mon, 27 Jun 2005 10:08:28 +0200
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Hi Bill!

Bill Page wrote:

On June 26, 2005 5:18 AM Kai Kaminski wrote:

It seems obvious to me that using a web browser to replace hyperdoc
is a good idea. A browser can also be used to implement a GUI,
although I would love to see a portable GUI written in CL using
wxWidgets bindings (which don't exist yet).

Also not easily portable to Windows, I think.
WxWidgets are very portable. The bindings could be, they don't exist yet.

I'm not so fond of TeXmacs though. While it is a great piece of
software it has been a bit sluggish when I used it in the past.
It also doesn't look very native on OS X and presumably Windows.

The Windows version is "ok" but you are right that it does not
look completely "native".
Since Tim wants a mind-blowing, novel GUI "ok" is probably not enough ;-)

No. It has it's own renderer. TeX is not used but it does
use TeX fonts.
Oh, I obviously didn't know that. If we ever want to render math ourselves we might want to steal their code.

Since cl-typesetting seems to be very much alive and under
active development by some of the best OSS Lisp developers
it might be possible to develop a GUI from scratch.

Sounds way too much like hard work to me!
Yes, it is too hard for now. But within the next thirty years, who knows. Besides a lot of the work would be done by other people.


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