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RE: [Axiom-developer] help with Aldor categories, graphs and finite grap

From: Bill Page
Subject: RE: [Axiom-developer] help with Aldor categories, graphs and finite graphs.
Date: Mon, 12 Sep 2005 13:42:21 -0400


On September 11, 2005 6:53 PM I wrote:
> However now in
> I get a different apparently more serious error:
>  >> System error:
>   AxiomXL file "GRAPHCAT" is missing!
> This error occurs when trying to call new()$FiniteGraph(INT) in
> spite of having already successfully defined g as a FiniteGraph.
> Ideas? Is this a "system error" or just another "user error"?

Tracing the message "AxiomXL file ..." leads me to

;; following 2 functions are called by file-exports and file-imports
(defun foam::process-import-entry (entry)
  (let* ((asharpname (car entry))
         (stringname (cadr entry))
         (hcode (caddr entry))
         (libname (cadddr entry))
         (bootname (intern stringname 'boot)))
    (declare (ignore libname))
    (if (and (eq hcode 'foam-user::|initializer|) (not (boundp
        (error (format nil "AxiomXL file ~s is missing!" stringname)))
    (unless (or (not (numberp hcode)) (zerop hcode) (boundp asharpname))
          (when (|constructor?| bootname)
                (set asharpname
                     (if (getdatabase bootname 'niladic)
                         (|makeLazyOldAxiomDispatchDomain| (list
                       (cons '|runOldAxiomFunctor|  bootname))))
          (when (|attribute?| bootname)
                (set asharpname (|makeLazyOldAxiomDispatchDomain|


The 'file-imports' macro is defined here

but from this point on I get lost. It is not clear to me where
this macro is called nor why it is being called for "GRAPHCAT".

These files have your name and Stephen M. Watt listed as
authors. I don't suppose you remember what all this was
about 10+ years ago :) or do you?

Any suggestions as to where I should look?

Do we have any working examples of Aldor categories being
used in the old version of Axiom?

Bill Page.

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