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[Axiom-developer] download links and server names (was: axiom--GUI--1)

From: Page, Bill
Subject: [Axiom-developer] download links and server names (was: axiom--GUI--1)
Date: Wed, 14 Sep 2005 17:52:14 -0400

On Wednesday, September 14, 2005 3:15 PM Bob McElrath wrote:

> The download link on this page:
> doesn't work.  Specifically this link:
> doesn't work, and I can't find the tarball anywhere on

Sorry, Bob, my mistake. I have been trying to rationalize things
on the various virtual server names that we use on axiom-developer
and I forgot about that download links. It should work now.

My goal is to setup some simple virtual server names and shorten
the urls as much as possible. Now by default

will list the current Axiom source in the darcs repository for
axiom--main--1 on axiom-developer. This is the version of Axiom
that is currently running on this server and may lag slightly
the version in tla. My plan is that this souce will (eventually)
be searchable online and will be available for direct url

Just yesterday I finished setting up a new name for the Axiom

should now work to access MathAction with the shortest possible
urls. These are exactly the same pages addressed by:



For now these older names should continue to work. But eventually
when this is all done, I would like to retire those that are
clearly redundant.

I am also planning to implement

which will be identical to

If anyone has any comments about this re-organization, please
let me know.

> I fixed the links on that page for Debian, which is now in
> "unstable" that Sarge has been released.


> Also FYI I'm trying to get Kai's axiom--GUI-1 to work, and it
> seems that it doesn't like axiom 3.4 from April.  After typing
> in a command it quits with just "Bye". 

Isn't that the version that Kai recommended in the docs?

In my case I tested axiom--GUI--1 with Axiom build with the
axiom--main--1--patch-45 sources.

Bill Page.

PS. Who is address@hidden

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