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[Axiom-developer] [Axiom Language] The domain Domain?

From: Bill Page
Subject: [Axiom-developer] [Axiom Language] The domain Domain?
Date: Thu, 29 Sep 2005 14:13:04 -0500

There are numerous places in the Axiom BOOT code that seems to
treat this name in a special manner as if it might be "built-in".
Eg. ::

  interp/bootfuns.lisp.pamphlet:(def-boot-val |$Domain| '(|Domain|)        
  interp/br-con.boot.pamphlet:    is [[h,:.],:t] and MEMBER(h,'(Domain 
  interp/clammed.boot.pamphlet:  form in '((Mode) (Domain) (SubDomain 
(Domain))) = 
  interp/g-cndata.boot.pamphlet:      domain in '((Mode) (Domain) (SubDomain 
  interp/i-analy.boot.pamphlet:  if ( oo = "%" ) or ( oo = "Domain" ) or ( 
  interp/i-coerce.boot.pamphlet:    t1 in '((Mode)  (Domain) (SubDomain 
(Domain))) =>
  interp/i-funsel.boot.pamphlet:  MEMBER('(SubDomain (Domain)),types1) => NIL
  interp/i-output.boot.pamphlet:  categoryForm? domain or domain in '((Mode) 
(Domain) (SubDomain (Domain))) =>
  interp/i-spec1.boot.pamphlet:  saeTypeSynonymValue := objNew(sae,'(Domain))
  interp/i-spec1.boot.pamphlet:  objMode triple = '(Domain) => triple
  interp/i-spec1.boot.pamphlet:      objMode(val) in '((Domain) (SubDomain 
(Domain))) =>
  interp/i-spec2.boot.pamphlet:    else if categoryForm?(type) then '(SubDomain 
  interp/i-spec2.boot.pamphlet:  type in '((Mode) (Domain)) => '(SubDomain 
  interp/parse.boot.pamphlet:        and m in '((Mode) (Domain) (SubDomain 
(Domain))) => D
  interp/setq.lisp.pamphlet:  CAPSULE |Union| |Record| |SubDomain| |Mapping| 
|Enumeration| |Domain| |Mode|))
  interp/setq.lisp.pamphlet:(SETQ |$Domain| '(|Domain|))
  interp/sys-pkg.lisp.pamphlet:    BOOT::YIELD BOOT::|Polynomial| 
  interp/trace.boot.pamphlet:      (objMode value in '((Mode) (Domain) 
(SubDomain (Domain)))) =>

However in searching for use and meaning of the domain 'Domain',
in all the Axiom algebra library I can find only one place that
explicity uses this domain.

In 'algebra/forttyp.spad.pamphlet' in the domain 'TheSymbolTable'
it reads::

    Entry : Domain  := Record(symtab:SymbolTable, _
                              returnType:FSTU, _
                              argList:List Symbol)

For details see [SandBox Domains And Types].

So apparently at least in 1992, such a domain might have existed
in Axiom.

Oddly (or perhaps as we might expect :) compiling this code in
the current version of Axiom produces some error messages::

   Semantic Errors: 
      ![1]  Domain is not a known type
      ![2]  void is not a known type

yet the compile does apparently successfully complete. But
does it work?

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