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[Axiom-developer] page.axiom-developer problem / FrontPage

From: Martin Rubey
Subject: [Axiom-developer] page.axiom-developer problem / FrontPage
Date: 04 Nov 2005 13:01:29 +0100
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Dear Bill,

it seems that there is a small problem with

If I click on "Axiom book" I get the link

which does not work.

It should eiter be


I suppose that usage of is
depreciated, but there are probably still many many links to that address out


FrontPage design

I'm a little unhappy about the crowdy look of the FrontPage. I suggest that we
concentrate on the essentials. I think that:

* Buy Axiom Gear to help support Axiom...

should move to the download redirector.

* Check out what's new in the WebLog - page summaries by date

should move to theAxiomCommunity (which should be renamed to AxiomCommunity...)

* Read the list of frequently asked questions FAQ or check problems and

should move to AxiomDocumentation

* update Axiom

contains no information yet and I think it won't in the near future. Can we
remove it?

* Axiom supports both SPAD and Aldor as library compilers

should go to ProgrammingAxiom

* Discuss Axiom in the Axiom Colloquium and contribute ideas for Future

should maybe go to theAxiomCummunity

* Google Summer Of Code supports Axiom User Interface (AxiomUI) project thanks
  to Lisp NYC!

should either be removed or moved to Sponsor (which would then have to be
renamed to Sponsors) 


If there is agreement, I can redo the FrontPage. 

There are some more things that should be redesigned:

The WishList and SummerOfCode pages should be merged and redone. I think that
several projects are already completed. It would be good if every project on
this common page would have a link and a backlink to IssueTracker.

The bits and pieces of wiki-documentation to interpreter, SPAD and Aldor should
be regrouped.



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