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[Axiom-developer] [#210 Pamphlet support on MathAction] revised design f

From: Bill Page
Subject: [Axiom-developer] [#210 Pamphlet support on MathAction] revised design for pamphlet support
Date: Sat, 05 Nov 2005 09:21:08 -0600


-Proposed Design: Embedded PDF
Revised Design: Thumbnail first page


Because of problems with display of embedded PDF files (see
section below plus attached comments), it was decided to
replace the embedded PDF with an PNG image of the first page
(usually the title page) of the pamphlet file. This image file
is considerably smaller than the full PDF file and can be
displayed in all browsers regardless of whether an PDF viewer
plug-in is available. But since this is only an image of the
first page, we should think of this as a "thumbnail", i.e.
just a reminder of what the actual document looks like.

To access the real document, the user must click on **pdf** or
**dvi**. If a viewer for either pdf or dvi format is available
the browser will normally launch the viewer. If not, then the
browser will offer to save the file to disk.

The **src** link will display the actual source of the pamphlet
file. This can be saved to disk (using 'right-click/Save As' or
other appropriate browser idiom) for local use with an Axiom
source distribution.

The **tex** link displays the output of the literate program
'weave' operation applied to the source file. This is pure
LaTeX code and can be saved and subsequently processed by
LaTeX if desired.

The **log** link displays the log file generated by LaTeX. If
the document thumbnail does not appear after clicking 'Save'
you should check this file for error messages and make
corrections to the pamphlet file as necessary.

The **tangle** button and the associated drop down box are used
to access the program code contained in the literate progam
document. Select a code chunk name from the drop down box and
then click **tangle** to run the literate program 'tangle'
operation on the source file. The resulting code will be
displayed in the browser and can be saved to disk and used
locally if desired.

To edit pamphlet files, just click **edit** (located on the
upper right of the page) as you would for any other page
on MathAction.

Original Design: Embedded PDF

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