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[Axiom-developer] Re: StepThrough (was: Units package)

From: C Y
Subject: [Axiom-developer] Re: StepThrough (was: Units package)
Date: Sat, 5 Nov 2005 19:08:33 -0800 (PST)

--- Bill Page <address@hidden> wrote:

> I would not want to dissuade anyone from working on the issue
> of StepThrough and Countable but I tend to agree with William
> about this. In some cases, the concept of Countable is relatively
> simple (as in the case of Fraction as Martin has shown) but in
> other cases it could lead to some rather deep mathematical and
> implementation issues. 

That was the conclusion I was coming too from the discussions.

> The implications of the category Countable
> do seem to affect the Axiom library at a fairly basic level. Of
> course these issues are what make the whole subject interesting
> and worth pursuing but they may not be the ideal place to start
> working with Axiom.


> I look forward to reading your thoughts abut this William.
> > The coding for UnitsPackage is not as difficult as you think,
> > but you should actually take Bill Page's advice and simply
> > dive in to get a feel for coding in Axiom (Spad). During all
> > the rewriting (you sure will be doing that), you'll learn to
> > become fluent in Spad (the compiler version). If you need
> > help, lots of people on this board will lend you a hand.
> >
> We should remember that Martin has already contributed some
> working Spad code for units. See:
> Clifford, (as if you need any more advice ... :) I think a good
> place to start would be to understand this code and modify it
> (a little at a time) to implement some of the new ideas on units
> that you have been thinking and writing about.

Most definitely :-).  Starting from square one was not what I had in
mind - I'm just waiting to look at that code until the desired design
is in hand.

> If you would just
> like to try a few things but not have your experiments broadcast
> to the email list, you can work here:
> which contains a copy of Martin's original code.


> All you have to do is click 'edit' and start making changes
> to this code. Clicking 'Preview' allows you to test your
> changes and 'Save' with save them for other people to see.
> But here in SandBox pages, none of the changes you make
> (even when you click 'Save') will result in emails to the
> mailing list. So please feel free to treat it as if you
> personally own this page.

Actually, since my home box is offline and will be for a while yet,
I'll probably have to do most of my initial tests offline.  That
reminds me - I (think I) remember a while back discussions as to
running the MathAction on individual machines - is that conceivable or
is it specific to the current server?  


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