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[Axiom-developer] RE: [fspace.spad] dvi file display

From: Bill Page
Subject: [Axiom-developer] RE: [fspace.spad] dvi file display
Date: Mon, 7 Nov 2005 09:22:47 -0500


Thanks for noticing this. I get the a similar error when I try
to open the dvi file using Yap from MikTeX. But this is very
strange because I can open other dvi files and I can even open
this file in pdf format even though the pdf format is created from
the dvi using dvipdfm.

The file does contain some very long lines of machine generated
lisp bootstrap code. Maybe that is a problem for dvi viewers?
I will try adding some new lines in this code and see if that fixes
the problem.

Have any seen this error with any other source files?

Can anyone reproduce this problem using a dvi viewer on linux?

Bill Page.

On November 7, 2005 3:50 AM William Sit wrote:

> Changes 
> --
> I click on the dvi (OS: Windows XP, dvi viewer: DVIWIN). It 
> is a 118 page document with the first 84 pages "gabbage" 
> consisting mainly of a few symbols a page. On p. 85, the 
> title page appears, followed by a table of contents, followed 
> by the source code (except that spaces become xxx's).
> DVIWIN reports the following error messages ::
> \begin{verbatim}
> Opening c:\docume~1\william\locals~1\temp\fspace~1.dvi 
> (118 pages)
> [1]
> TeX address@hidden ignored
> ...

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