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[Axiom-developer] Re: integration server

From: root
Subject: [Axiom-developer] Re: integration server
Date: Mon, 7 Nov 2005 13:30:50 -0500


You may remember me as we've crossed paths in the past but it 
has been a while.

Richard Fateman has a TILU server which contains a database of
integrals that can be accessed from common lisp.

Bill Page has a website ( where he's
been building up a mathematics web server, mostly based at the
moment on the open source version of axiom, but including by
permission REDUCE.

It would be useful if we could standardize this database and
put it behind the various algebra systems we plan to host.

As you can see from Richard's email he is willing to share
the data but it appears you hold the copyright.

Can we get your permission to use the database of integrals
on the axiom wiki site?

Tim Daly

> Hi Tim,
> There are a few issues.
> 1. You are welcome to use the lookup service. There is a simple
> socket interface used by the Macintosh graphing calculator that
> you should use instead of the html page.
> 2. I wouldn't worry about the traffic; there are about 100 visits
> per day on that socket, about 150 visits on the html page.
> 3. On the other hand, the machine that it is running on is
> not supported, and when/if it crashes, it may not be revived.
> 4. I don't actually own the database of integrals. It is mostly the
> CRC shorter table of integrals, used by permission of the
> publisher. Plus a few dozen Bessel integrals typed in from
> Gradshteyn, I think.
>  I (or you) would have to inquire about moving the CRC info
> elsewhere. I got permission via Dan Zwillinger, who was the editor.
> Maybe you should ask him.
> 5. Tilu runs in Allegro Common Lisp, but I believe that it
> is written in ANSI common lisp, so that it could run on
> some other lisp --- assuming that ASERVE (written
> by Franz, but open sourced)  is available (e.g. GCL, SBCL, CMU-CL).
> So you could make a mirror site if you wished, and if the table
> ownership were solved.
> I will see how the socket info works  (it's been a lonnng time...
> Tilu has been up since 1996... but the mac calculator is only a
> few years old.  Ron Avitzur and I worked together on that; he
> may have better documents.)  But I will send email soon.
> Oh, I think the mathematica people may have a good site -- they used
> to -- and in fact tilu referred unsolved integrals to that web site
> until they fancied it up and ruined the interface.  (Basically they
> started returning pictures of the answer instead of text.)
> You may share this info with axiom-dev list.
> Regards
> Richard
> root wrote:
> >Richard,
> >
> >Axiom has a wiki website ( where we are
> >hosting not only axiom but other computer algebra systems.
> >
> >You run the tilu website.
> >
> >It would be a useful extension to the systems we host to enable
> >them to use your database lookup for computation. I hesitate
> >to point our server software at your server however as this
> >could cause a big increase in traffic. Plus the web interface
> >is awkward for automation.
> >
> >Is the database available? Could we set up a local copy on
> >
> >
>Tim Daly

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