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[Axiom-developer] MathAction to email list connection

From: Page, Bill
Subject: [Axiom-developer] MathAction to email list connection
Date: Thu, 24 Nov 2005 18:48:04 -0500

Dear Axiom-developer Subscribers;

Gee that was stupid of me, wasn't it ... :(^

Perhaps this is a good time to suggest that we disconnect the
axiom-developer email list from the Axiom Wiki web site?

Originally this connection between the email list and the web site
seemed like a good idea in order to promote the use of the site. But
accidents like this one as well as a few real spam cases that get
through the email filters suggest that it is not really such a good
idea. And besides now in addition to email subscription to the
website, we also have several better ways to keep up to date with
what's new and what's changed on the site such as the RSS newsfeed.

So unless there is any objection, I plan to remove the axiom-developer
list as a subscriber to the Axiom Wiki. This will mean that you will
no longer automatically received notices from the wiki web site. If
you want to continue to receive email notices of changes to the site,
you will have to go to:

set your 'preferences' to include your email address and click on

Explanation of my Error

I decided I liked the page named AboutMathAction better than just
MathAction so I did a page rename from MathAction to AboutMathAction
not thinking about how many pages on the web site already use
that name as a link. So ZWiki just did what I said and went through
and blindly changed all the pages where this link occurred and sent
email notices for every one that it changed. Of course I did not
really mean for it to change the contents of the page, only the
links. Arrrghh!

As they say, it takes computer to really screw-up and I must add
one connected to email on the Internet to do it publicly - and
all for the sake of better public relations about how great this
web site is ... <too embarrassing>!

I am very sorry for all the unintentional spam that was generated.

Bill Page.

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