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Re: [Axiom-developer] I can't compile the last axiom on a debian.

From: Page, Bill
Subject: Re: [Axiom-developer] I can't compile the last axiom on a debian.
Date: Tue, 17 Jan 2006 04:30:38 -0500


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To: Francois Maltey
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Subject: Re: [Axiom-developer] I can't compile the last axiom on a


See patch committed to Axiom Savannah cvs below.

Francois Maltey <address@hidden> said:

> Hello, 
> Last month I try the axiom compiler. 
> Then my laptop was repaired under warranty, and now I get it back.
> I use the debian testing etch distribution, but I prefer to recompile
> axiom from cvs because i make big mistakes with the unstable debian 
> version and then I must reinstall all the system. 

Of course the most reliable method to install Axiom on Debian
is just:

  apt-get install axiom

But if you really do want to build Axiom from the cvs sources,
there are a couple of other things you will need to do.
> So I get axiom from cvs and I type 
> ./confugure
> export AXIOM=/home/fmy/Fabrique/axiom/mnt/linux
> export PATH=$AXIOM/bin:$PATH
> make
> The first error seems to be : 
>     ./configure: line 2412: syntax error near unexpected token `('
> and the last ones are at the end of the make log.
> Thanks a lot if you can help me.

Francois, you have found a bug in the configure script of the
version of gcl (2.6.7) that is built by Axiom. The bug and a patch
from Vadim V. Zhytnikov to correct the problem is described here:

I have just committed this patch to the cvs as savannah, so to
get the updated Axiom source you should do this:

  cd /home/fmy/Fabrique/axiom
  cvs update

This corrects the problem above, but on Debian you will also
run into another problem concerning the GCLOPTS that Axiom
uses by default. On Debian you must use the 'locbfd' option.
To do this edit 'Makefile.pamphlet'

  vi Makefile.pamphlet

and look for 'makefile.linux' then change '<<GCLOPTS>>' to

Now you can try the build again:

  (set variables)
  make clean


I have just tried this procedure on my Debian sarge/testing
system and it appears to work. Pleae let me know if you have
any problems.

Bill Page.

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