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From: doyen
Subject: [Axiom-developer] [DoyenTest]
Date: Thu, 19 Jan 2006 19:45:59 -0600



-\title{Doyen Build Instructions}
-\author{Tim Daly, Jose Alfredo Perez,  Wilken Rivera}
-This document shows the explicit steps necessary to create a Doyen LiveCD from 
Red Hat's Fedora Core 3 distribution. The Doyen CD is a scientific platform 
which can be distributed at various science conferences. It enables scientific 
software to be distributed as literate programs. The Doyen CD has a local wiki 
and a set of scientific packages which can be scripted from the wiki pages. The 
scientific packages can be tailor to the specific conference.
-\section{Prepare a clean Fedora Core 3 System}
-\item Obtain Fedora Core 3 iso images from the Fedora Website. 
-\item Disk 1 and Disk 2 should be enough for a basic installation. 
-\item Create installation CDs from the iso images downloaded.
-\item Boot up you system with the installation disk 1 to begin the Fedora
-installation process.
-[645 more lines...]
This is the theory of CachedFloats which will do infinite precision
floating point computation with post-facto expansions.



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