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[Axiom-developer] 2.7.0 GUI

From: Mike Thomas
Subject: [Axiom-developer] 2.7.0 GUI
Date: Wed, 25 Jan 2006 15:57:28 +1000

Hi Camm. 

With HEAD up again on Windows I've returned to the issue of the Tk
binding as the Axiom crew are waiting on a LISP GUI.

I decided that gcl-tk is too tricky in itself as the server relies on a
function not available in the Windows version of Tcl/Tk and I would
rather a system in which a standard download of Tcl/Tk is all that is

Following that decision I tried directly binding Tk into GCL with
limited success - the event loop seizes even in a separate thread.  I
expect that there is a thread issue in GBC or something similar which we
can return to if/when we give GCL threads.

So I borrowed some code from ECL (their EXT::RUN-PROGRAM, similar to our
SI::RUN-PROCESS and which runs programs via pipes) and got the stable
version of Peter Herth's well regarded Tk binding LTK up on my locally
modified copy of HEAD; sufficiently well to run his demo programs.

It's far from being as nice as a native GUI, but it's a start.

The Unix version of that ECL code needs only minor infrastructural
details seen to.  If I get a chance on a Linux machine I'll work on it.

The GCL HEAD compiler has some trouble with the latest beta release of
LTK (0.88pre2).  Packages also seem to be causing some trouble for the

LTK does not compile on the stable branch of GCL.


Mike Thomas.

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