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[Axiom-developer] ToC, eprint.sty, and the Axiom bibliography

From: C Y
Subject: [Axiom-developer] ToC, eprint.sty, and the Axiom bibliography
Date: Sun, 11 Jun 2006 19:04:53 -0700 (PDT)

A while back we were discussing the problem of a universal Axiom
bibliography and how to handle the issue.  There is still a lot of work
and thinking to be done, but as a first step I have tried to make a
slightly more "bibtex" like bib file for the Axiom pamphlets.  It's not
really all that exciting - the only real improvement so far is that the
authors' names are included - but I am also looking into the previously
discussed ideas of annotations being included with each entry and the
idea of including "standard" references to online databases such as

It turns out there has already been some work done on this, although I
doubt it is integrated with any wiki-like web framework.  I took a stab
at adapting the existing work on annotated bibliographies to what I had
done thus far, achieving no noticable success as yet (bst files are
something of a mystery... sigh.)  However, as long as bst files are on
the menu, I wanted to point out the eprint.sty file at

I don't know how significant ToC is in the computer world, but it is
hard to deny they have nice looking setups for their papers.  Their
files appear to be here:

These files might be a good starting point for making an advanced
bibliography format for Axiom - I was wondering if anyone knew about
ToC or this format, and had an opinion.  If these folks are fairly
significant they might be a logical partner to work with towards a
common goal of universal bibliography formats and entries.


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