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Re: [Axiom-developer] Doyen cd with French

From: Alfredo Portes
Subject: Re: [Axiom-developer] Doyen cd with French
Date: Thu, 15 Jun 2006 14:24:05 -0400

Hi Michel,

I tried to use the Doyen Cd, and I met the following problems:

Thank you for taking time to try the CD. We really need more people
using it to obtain
more suggestions on how to improve the Doyen CD.

- The password address@hidden is not trivial - first to remember and next to 
type with a
French keyboard : one has to type Shift+2 to get @, and so "doyenShift+2org" in
order to be able to select the French keyboard, and the keys typed appear as
asterisks of course (since one has to enter the root password to be able to 
keyboard). I would suggest to hit just Enter, if it is possible ? Otherwise, at 
least write
the password in the Doyen-Wiki, with the set of keys to be typed on a French 
other languages) keyboard, in order to change keyboard config. I think the Doyen
wiki is a natural place to look (at least it is where I looked !). But the 
password was
not there (or is it somewhere I did not find?), and I had to find it on another 
PC, in
archived mails of the axiom-developer list. A bit complicated, and probably 
impossible to find for a newcomer to Axiom?.

Wao. It is complicated. We had the intention of changing the password
to something
simpler, like just "doyen". The password is in the Doyen-Wiki but not
that trivial to find.
I will try to have this for the next build of the live cd, together
with more important content
in the front page of the Wiki as suggested by Mr. Bill Page.

- For next releases, I wonder if it would not be better to use Knoppix for the 
instead of Fedora ?

There is a version of Doyen using Knoppix 3.7. However, the final goal of the
project was to have a Red Hat based Live CD. The Doyen-Knoppix version
does not have a Axiom / LatexWiki. Knoppix has changed very much from
version 3.7 to the latest 4.0.2, especially in the way the Live CD can
be remastered. I would like to try to update this over the summer, and
have the AxiomLatexWiki included.

My PCs are networked to Internet through an ADSL modem-
router, and Knoppix found it so I was able to connect to Internet without any
additional configuration. With the Doyen CD, I could not connect to Internet 
and the
adress of the modem-router was detected incorrectly as first DNS address 
of gateway, as correctly found by Knoppix).

Very interesting. I have never come across this problem. I will check into it.

- The Doyen CD does not recognize hard disks with ntfs partitions (cannot read)
while Knoppix is able to read them.

I use the Doyen CD and it recognizes my ntfs partitions correctly. Not sure why
it didn't find it in your computer. My first guess is that the autofs
daemon is off. I
will address this.

But maybe there are other PC configs that Fedora would analyze correctly but not
Knoppix, so it is more a question than a suggestion. Or maybe there are now 
Fedora (I used the latest Knoppix, dated 2 june 2006).

You are right. It is really a trade off, especially that the creation
of a Fedora CD is faster
and more customizable than Knoppix, but Knoppix has more hardware
support. Actually, Doyen is one of the first Fedora Live CDs I have
seem around. An official one was only achieved last year in Google
Summer of Code, so I think in that sense Knoppix is more mature. I
guess the best thing will be to have best of both worlds (this will
actually be better for people who prefer KDE than Gnome).

Anyway, despite these problems, very nice job, thanks a lot !
Best wishes,

Thank you very much, if you have more suggestions just let me know.


Jose Alfredo Perez

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