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Re: [Axiom-developer] Using Aldor compiler from within Axiom on amd64

From: Christian Aistleitner
Subject: Re: [Axiom-developer] Using Aldor compiler from within Axiom on amd64
Date: Sat, 06 Jan 2007 15:25:18 +0100
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On Thu, 04 Jan 2007 16:00:42 +0100, Page, Bill <address@hidden> wrote:

On Thursday, January 04, 2007 7:04 AM Christian Aistleitner wrote:

I installed the binary Axiom+Aldor package from
according to the instructions on
on my gentoo amd64 system.

Compiling the following short snippet (as

I get

>> System error:
    Unknown bfd format

My guess is that the version of gcl from which Axiom+Aldor was
produced does not specify the appropriate gcc option (-m32 ?) to
ensure that the object file that is created from the Aldor lisp
output can be linked with the Axiom+Aldor binary.

oh, besides the aldor compiler, axiom also uses gcl to compile aldor sources? How can I pass options to the gcl call? (When stating “)co something” only the Aldor options are shown, so I supposed calling Aldor would be the whole story)

How can I get Axiom to run code that got compiled from
within Axiom using the Aldor compiler?

Then you must follow the procedure at

to link Axiom with Aldor.

I tried to follow that guide, but ran into trouble already at step 5 “Update your axiom source code to patch 44”, as for a fresh install, of course I could not “tla update”. I tried with the silver sources instead. Building axiom aborted, and make complained about denied permission to modify

chmodding everything within /hemo/tmgisi/axiom64 to 777, make got past this point but make did not proceed for more than 24-hours at:

make[3]: Entering directory `/home/tmgisi/axiom64/axiom.silver/axiom/src/doc' 1 making /home/tmgisi/axiom64/axiom.silver/axiom/int/doc/axiom.bib from /home/tmgisi/axiom64/axiom.silver/axiom/src/doc/axiom.bib.pamphlet 2 making /home/tmgisi/axiom64/axiom.silver/axiom/mnt/linux/bin/tex/axiom.sty from /home/tmgisi/axiom64/axiom.silver/axiom/src/doc/axiom.sty.pamphlet 3 making /home/tmgisi/axiom64/axiom.silver/axiom/mnt/linux/doc/DeveloperNotes.dvi from /home/tmgisi/axiom64/axiom.silver/axiom/src/doc/DeveloperNotes.pamphlet
The root module <<*>> was not defined.
4 making /home/tmgisi/axiom64/axiom.silver/axiom/mnt/linux/doc/book.dvi from /home/tmgisi/axiom64/axiom.silver/axiom/src/doc/book.pamphlet 4 making /home/tmgisi/axiom64/axiom.silver/axiom/mnt/linux/doc/bookvol1.dvi from /home/tmgisi/axiom64/axiom.silver/axiom/src/doc/bookvol1.pamphlet

So obviously, at step 5 of
I chose the wrong sources. Would the golden one be the correct one then?

Kind regards,

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