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[Axiom-developer] PATCH to src/interp/ptrees.boot

From: Gabriel Dos Reis
Subject: [Axiom-developer] PATCH to src/interp/ptrees.boot
Date: 15 Jan 2007 18:55:17 -0600


  There is a duplicate test for the data type used to implement
the abstract syntax trees found in src/interp/ptrees.boot.
This is a correction I would have liked to apply globally to 
Axiom trunk, but the trunk has gone through several renamings,
mutations, redefinitions, changes of status, etc. so that I don't know
what is what at this moment.  So, I'm committing to the
build-improvement branch only.

-- Gaby

2007-01-11  Gabriel Dos Reis  <address@hidden>

        * ptrees.boot.pamphlet (pfExpr?): Don't duplicate test for
        Typing and Sequence.  They are part of DeclPart.

*** ptrees.boot.pamphlet        (revision 17763)
--- ptrees.boot.pamphlet        (local)
*************** pfExpr? pf ==
*** 286,295 ****
       pfPretend? pf or _
       pfRestrict? pf or _
       pfReturn? pf or _
-      pfSequence? pf or _
       pfTagged? pf or _
       pfTuple? pf or _
-      pfTyping? pf or _
       pfWhere? pf or _
       pfWith? pf
--- 286,293 ----

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