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[Axiom-developer] Re: [fricas-devel] umlaut in Guess - mailing list for

From: Bill Page
Subject: [Axiom-developer] Re: [fricas-devel] umlaut in Guess - mailing list for algebra
Date: Tue, 4 Sep 2007 10:05:45 -0400

On 04 Sep 2007 09:20:59 +0200, Martin Rubey wrote:
> Sorry Bill for replying late.  At least communication became a lot more
> complicated with these forks.
> > While building FriCAS rev: 46 using GNU CLISP 2.39 on Solaris 10.2 x86
> >  I received the error message:
> >
> >   invalid byte #xC3 in CHARSET:ASCII conversion
> >
> > in the file 'GUESS.spad'. Is this a known problem?
> [...]
> > Any suggestions? Should I just edit the file to remove these
> >  "non-standard" characters?
> Yes.  Newer versions of Guess should not have any umlauts, but I'm still
> considering to release newer versions GPL only.  (Because of the forks)

Would this mean that Guess could not be included in any of the
existing Axiom forks (which are all licensed under modified BSD)?
Since Guess is a "library" package, would you consider releasing it
under LGPL instead? That would allow it to be included with Axiom
without affecting the Axiom license. If you are willing to have it
included in one or more Axiom distribution, could you please post up
to date sources for GUESS somewhere?

> Maybe we could agree on having at least only one mailing list for the algebra
> related stuff.  Maybe aldor-l or axiom-math?

I share your frustration with the current mailing list situation but I
do not know how to correct this. I presume that 'aldor-l' would be
mostly be about Aldor in general - not just algebra code. And I am not
sure what Tim Daly's opinion might be about the use of 'axiom-math' to
discuss algebra issues that arise in other Axiom forks and in Aldor
since 'axiom-math' is nominally only part of the original Axiom
project. We are caught in this situation of trying to respect his
wishes while continuing to develop Axiom in different directions.
Sooner or later we will have to focus on only one fork of Axiom or
another... :-(

Bill Page.

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