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[Axiom-developer] help function

From: daly
Subject: [Axiom-developer] help function
Date: Wed, 5 Sep 2007 06:32:55 -0500


Ah. I didn't read it as a bug report. Sorry.

The help functionality as it currently exists has limitations.
I know about the synonym problem as well as the abbreviation problem.
My current working list (queued file) for help reads:

============ queued ==========
change )help to
 0) handle abbrev and synonym better
 1) show all topics
 2) use min prefix
 3) be case sensitive Eg: library vs Library
 4) )help name )function to show the docs on a function
 5) )view help should fire up a dvi reader on the appropriate dvi file
 6) create help files on the fly from axiom commands so help expands
    as the user works
 7) )hyperdoc should (re-)start hyperdoc and reconnect
 8) )drag should auto-create help for newly drag-and-dropped files
 9) )document should update help
10) )weave should update help
11) )lib should update help
12) )co should update help
============ queued ==========

As you can see there is much more work to do. Some of the functionality
such as )drag, )document, )weave are not yet released into the wild.

At the moment I'm writing the documentation files into the algebra 
sources and then planning to work on a regular form for help files.
The functions mentioned in help files are also run at build time to
regression test the results to check for breakage.


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