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Re: [Axiom-developer] Mailing List Etiquette

From: root
Subject: Re: [Axiom-developer] Mailing List Etiquette
Date: Wed, 19 Sep 2007 16:41:28 -0400


>I know what is in those directories and waht isn't.  For example,
>there is nothing in the readme from (quoted here many times)
>as defining `heavy of Lisp' as one the GOALS of the `original Axiom'

This project started with a phone call on August 20th, 2000. That's 7
years ago. I have written code nearly every day of those years.  You
joined the Axiom project approximately 20 months ago.  You were not
privy to years of discussion, several years of which are in non-public
mailing archives.

I DO know for a fact that I had a lisp-only version of scratchpad at
IBM Research, done by me. It ran on AKCL/DJGPP/DOS on a Toshiba
laptop.  I DO know for a fact (since *I* was the author of the goal)
that removing boot and converting the internal code to pure lisp was a
goal much discussed. I DO know for a fact that boot code was being
converted to lisp before you joined.

It is amazing to me that you seem to know so much about "what
this project's goals are" and "what this project really is". You 
simply don't know what you are talking about yet you continue to
state your opinions as "facts". 

You forked this project which allows you to set your own goals.  I
don't argue about OpenAxiom's goals. Please go define your own goals
and stop stirring up useless debate on this mailing list.

>BTW, is the system described by Jenks&Sutor's book the one in the
>directory you are pointing at in the above directories?  That system
>is what most Axiom users (and an IBM Research rep. I talked to
>yesterday) call Axiom.

We've had this discussion. It's over. There is no more to discuss.
Unless you plan to try to hijack the name Axiom there is no point
in further discussion.

As a matter of common professional courtesy I expect you to change
the term "Axiom" to "OpenAxiom" everywhere in your project. That is
"standard behavior" for a fork and you do love standard behavior.

Both of these are dead topics.

You insist on trying to create confusion where there is none.  I
insist on trying to minimize the confusion. Thus, I insist on
maintaining the separation of your project from this project.  It's
legal to share the code but very bad etiquette to come here to
advertise your project, stir up false controversy or create confusion.

Suppose you worked at a University and had the "Meadow" project.
Suppose I joined the University. Suppose after 20 months I decided
to present "Meadow" at a conference, decided to publish your source
code at the conference, called my project "OpenMeadow", and sent
your colleagues emails claiming "OpenMeadow" is the new "Meadow",
use "OpenMeadow", etc. How should any reasonable person off the
street view such behavior? How should my colleagues at the University
view my behavior?

Even though you have left the project to start your own project you
continue to stir up false controvery here.  I no longer view your
behavior as having the long term interest of the success of the axiom
project as a goal.

Please stop.


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