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[Axiom-developer] Re: axserver and hyperdoc

From: Arthur Ralfs
Subject: [Axiom-developer] Re: axserver and hyperdoc
Date: Sat, 22 Sep 2007 19:05:50 -0700
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root wrote:
> Arthur,
>> Should have mentioned I use nxml-mode in emacs to make sure
>> my xml is well formed.
> I finally figured it out. Although I'm still struggling with page
> coloring. Coloring the page and fetching it directly as a file gives a
> fully colored page. Fetching the page thru the axserver gives a
> partially colored page. Style sheets and local decls are ignored.
> How odd.
Where did you put the style sheet?  Originally I tried having a separate
javascript file and linking to it with the <link...> element but that didn't
work.  I didn't spend any time trying to figure it out, I just put the
in a  <script> element in the xml.  So if you don't have it already maybe
the style sheet should go in a <style> element.
> I rewrote your axserver output routine so it now looks exactly like
> an axiom console session. I added syntax coloring to the output to
> test Alasdair's requirement.
> Much progress was made today. I can now do hyperdoc pages interacting
> with Axiom directly. I've done pages for differentating, integrating
> (definite and indefinite), and limits. Now I think the whole hyperdoc
> page layout needs a lot of thought and work. Of course, I'm the last
> person qualified to do GUI-based redesign. Now that the proof of
> concept works perhaps someone on this list might want to take the
> lead on a new design.
> I'll upload a couple pages as an example for people to try.
> Once I finish the page conversions I think we can completely replace
> hyperdoc. This should happen shortly. I'm also looking to connect it
> up to the help pages for the 95 domains I just documented.

That's great.  I'm glad you found it useful.

> Thanks for breaking this barrier.
> Tim

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