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[Axiom-developer] CATS - Computer Algebra Test Suite

From: root
Subject: [Axiom-developer] CATS - Computer Algebra Test Suite
Date: Sun, 14 Oct 2007 11:14:02 -0400

On another subject...

I've long had the notion that we need a Computer Algebra Test Suite
(CATS) that lays out the mathematics and then shows the same
mathematics done by a range of computer algebra systems.

I have a test suite of ODEs that I've put together than consists of a
couple thousand ODEs, some of which I've recently added to the input
file subdirectory for regression testing. I also have a test suite of
about 4k integrals, which continues to grow.  And I'm looking to build
a similar test suite for series, etc.

I'm classifying the various equations based on increasing complexity.
I've also built a special purpose copy of Axiom that highlights the
exact code used to solve the problem and I'm annotating the code with
the equations it solves. Eventually this will give us a list of the
algorithms that Axiom implements as well as standard test case inputs.

I expect that this classification scheme will give us a place to
"hang algorithms" that solve the particular subclass of problems.
Such a classification scheme will allow us to be specific about
what algorithms are missing and we'll have a more scientific basis
for forward progress.

For this effort I've been generating the ODEs for Axiom and
also running the same ODES thru Mathematica, Maple, Maxima,
and Reduce. Unfortunately not all of these systems can generate
mathml. Given that you're tightly wired into the mathml work
do you know of some reasonable editor where I can type an
equation or the latex for an equation and generate the mathml?


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