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[Axiom-developer] newhyper.pamphlet

From: daly
Subject: [Axiom-developer] newhyper.pamphlet
Date: Mon, 22 Oct 2007 02:30:32 -0500

I've expanded the next level of the "Topics -> Numbers" page.
I've added two images (doctitle.png, favicon.png).
I've checked in a new version. Note that you'll need the latest
silver version to run it because it uses the new protocol. All
you need to do now is:

export AXIOM=(where)                          <= set up axiom, notangle
export PATH=$AXIOM/bin/lib:$AXIOM/bin:$PATH
mkdir -p /home/silver/bitmaps                 <= where to put pages
cp newhyper.pamphlet /home/silver             <= the pages
cp doctitle.png /home/silver
cp favicon.png /home/silver
cd /home/silver
notangle -t8 newhyper.pamphlet > Makefile     <= extract the Makefile
make                                          <= extract the pages
axiom -noht                                   <= start axiom
)set mes auto off
)set out mathml on
axServer(8085,multiServ)$AXSERV               <= make it listen

The top 6 pages of Topics -> Numbers have been expanded.


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