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[Axiom-developer] Re:

From: Bill Page
Subject: [Axiom-developer] Re:
Date: Mon, 5 Nov 2007 12:31:18 -0400

On 11/1/07, Tim Daly wrote:
> ...
> In the interest of keeping things running we can point the names
> you need to the new server location and continue to use
> and
> Feel free to change the httpd.conf file to forward-point.
> Thus Martin's references should continue to function.

Ok, I can do that in the near future. It is probably possible to do
this without involving the Apache configuration files by making a
CNAME entry in the DNS server for the '' domain. If
you would rather do that and no longer have the server involved at
all, just let me know. To make a CNAME entry you would need to contact
whoever sold you the '' domain name.

As we have discussed on this list, not all of the pages have been
copied from the old site to the new. Personally I do not think this is
a problem but both Waldek and Martin have argued that all existing
pages should be copied. We have not determined who (if anyone) is
actually prepared to do the work to make this happen. So I guess at
some point we should just decide to "pull the plug" and the issue will
be gone...

> The server costs have been rising due to the huge data loads on the
> machine. I need to reduce that monthly outlay so I plan to strip most
> of the non-essential data. Most of the data costs are associated with
> the wiki, the portal, and your home directory.

I certainly understand your desire to reduce the operating costs but I
think that it is no longer true that most of the costs are associated
with the wiki, portal and the '/home/page' directory. I have
eliminated everything from the server that is not absolutely necessary
to continue normal operation of the wiki and portal applications and
now the usage is significantly less than other projects on the server
as the following commands show:

  du -s -k /home/* | sort -n
  du -s -k /var/zope | sort -n

> It is costing me several thousand dollars a year to maintain that server
> at the present time and the costs have risen every month. At the
> current rate of rise the server will cost me about $5000./yr within a
> year. I need to reduce this cost considerably.

I hope my lastest effort to clean things up has helped reduce the
cost. I also found a lot of unnecessary wasted space in the /tmp
directory that seemed related to the operation of the wiki site. The
'df' command now shows total disk utilization at 48% of the available
storage. I am not sure whether you pay for actual usage or for
maintaining the total available figure. If it is the latter, then
perhaps you should contact the company that operates the server and
ask that the total available be reduced.

I do not have any plans to do anything on this server that will
increase the storage requirement. When you decide that it is necessary
to completely eliminate the wiki and portal applications from the
server that will free another 4.2 Gbytes of storage.

> Thus, I've asked you to find another server and William Stein has
> been kind enough to host your effort.

No problem. Nothing lasts for ever. Thanks for providing the
opportunity for me to contribute to Axiom in this way for the last 3

Bill Page.

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