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[Axiom-developer] 20071129.01.tpd.patch

From: daly
Subject: [Axiom-developer] 20071129.01.tpd.patch
Date: Thu, 29 Nov 2007 01:22:23 -0600

This patch sets up the mathml fonts needed to display the new hyperdoc
pages in a browser. See the README file to install the fonts in fedora
and firefox.

diff --git a/changelog b/changelog
index 8e672f7..867f19a 100644
--- a/changelog
+++ b/changelog
@@ -1,3 +1,4 @@
+20071129 tpd zips/axiomfonts.tgz add mathml fonts
 20071119 tpd Makefile.pamphlet add fedora6,7,8 stanzas
 20071101 tpd src/interp/i-output.boot fix bugs 7010 (209), 7011
 20071019 acr src/interp/http.lisp use new return values
diff --git a/zips/axiomfonts.tgz b/zips/axiomfonts.tgz
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..4202e32
Binary files /dev/null and b/zips/axiomfonts.tgz differ

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