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[Axiom-developer] Re: Close Issues -> Close Fricas Issues

From: Bill Page
Subject: [Axiom-developer] Re: Close Issues -> Close Fricas Issues
Date: Wed, 12 Dec 2007 20:27:08 -0500

On 12 Dec 2007 20:47:50 +0100, Martin Rubey wrote:
> since FriCAS is progressing quite rapidly what concerns closing
> issues, how shall we proceed on issuetracker?

> I see two possibilities:
> 1) Since MathAction runs FriCAS, and FriCAS applies patches
>     from open-axiom and axiom relatively quickly, we close those
>     issues that are fixed in FriCAS.

No, I do not think that is a good idea. I would like the new
axiom-wiki to continue to serve the needs of all of the Axiom-related

> 2) By magic, or Bill Page, we introduce the possibility of closing
>     issues for any subset of {axiom, open-axiom, fricas}.  I have
>     no idea how that could work, however.  In particular, if one
>     selects "open issues", what subset of issues does he get then?

No, I think that is too complicated. What I would like to do is to
have bug reports that are specific to each version/fork. Right now
this is not the case. But what I think we should do as issues are
reviews and/or closed in a particular system, and if the issue is
still outstanding in one or more of the other systems, I think we
should clone the bug reports (make copies for each system) and then
close the ones where the bug is fixed. I know that this might seem
like extra work, but copying these reports is really pretty easy just
using cut-and-paste in edit mode.

> (I see, you are experimenting with running all axioms on
> MathAction?)

Yes, I have a preliminary version of the axiom-wiki installed at (aka. sage.math) that does support all three
versions/forks of axiom. This is easily expanded and configured
if/when more versions become available. Right now only the FriCAS
version supports Aldor.

The way I choose to do this in the end was to make it possible to
specify which version/fork of Axiom is to be used on a particular web
page. More than one version/fork of Axiom *cannot* be mixed on the
same page. Although this may not be quite as flexible as we might have
wished, I think it will help to keep things simple.

You can select the version/fork of Axiom that you want to use for the
computation on a page in the 'edit' window and on the IssueTracker bug
report form.

You might also notice that I have made some significant changes to the
navigation on the axiom-wiki website. There is a topics list on the
lefthand side and there are hierachy/ontology navigation arrows
available at the top of the page. I would be quite interested to hear
opinions about these new features at:

As usual, there remains a lot of work to do to update the axiom-wiki.
I would like to encourage anyone who has some motivations to improve
this site to "jump in" and make a contribution!

Bill Page.

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