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[Axiom-developer] Re: Close Issues -> Close Fricas Issues

From: Martin Rubey
Subject: [Axiom-developer] Re: Close Issues -> Close Fricas Issues
Date: 28 Dec 2007 18:16:05 +0100
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Dear Bill,

thanks for your detailed answer.  Here a summary of the points where action is
still unclear:

"Bill Page" <address@hidden> writes:

> > I'm not so sure what to do with:
> >
> >     Axiom on Windows
> >     Axiom on Linux
> >     Axiom on MacOSX
> These also would seem to interact with the new "Axiom Version" field.  Right
> now that field also affects work version of Axiom is run to create the output
> on the page (if any). Maybe that was not a good idea since I think it would
> be convenient to be able to enter "Windows and MacOSX" here but right now
> there is no way to run these versions on the mathaction (sage.math) server
> which is a linux system.

I don't think this is necessary.  In any case, there are more important things
to do...

> In principle this should be possible through a remote or virtual machine but
> it might be a bit challenging.
> > There are indeed problems particular to MS Windows or Linux or MacOSX, but
> > often these are related to the build process.  On the other hand, build
> > troubles are often common to all platforms... The problem I have is that
> > sometimes submitters put bugs into Axiom on Windows even though it's really
> > a problem with the Algebra code.
> I agree that as "categories" they do not make much sense.
> > I guess, the best thing is to keep it for now.
> I am not sure. But Having two fields in the issue report such as 1)
> "affects what Axiom Version ..." and 2) "execute examples using Axiom
> Version ..." seems confusing to me. Any other ideas?

Encourage submitters to state what version they use.  I'm not expecting too
many bug reports from anonymous users this year, and I'm (almost) in the
position now to check bugs also on MS Windows, so I can do it unless it is a
bug within the build process.  The latter is simply too much of an effort for

Maybe we should rename: "building axiom from source" to "building and
installing axiom" and delete "Axiom on Windows" and "Axiom on Linux"?

> >     Doyen CD
> >
> > this could possibly be merged with Axiom User Interface
> >
> I think it should remain separate.


> > All other categories should be deleted.  Reasons:
> >
> >     Aldor Library Compiler    [6]
> >     Aldor Standalone Compiler [2]
> >
> > Aldor has its own bug-tracking system, and as long as Aldor
> > is non-free, we cannot merge the bug databases.
> >
> I do not see the license status as a problem with respect to reporting
> bugs. Having duplicate bug reporting systems is a problem that we have to
> live with. As a library compiler for Axiom I think it is necessary that we
> categorize Axiom-related Aldor bugs here.

Well, that is what the new category 'Axiom-Aldor Interaction' is intended for.
Can you suggest a better name?

> >     New feature request [3]
> >
> > easily reclassified.
> >
> I can imagine some good reasons why we should continue to classify some
> reports as "feature requests".

I do not understand that?  For every category we have a status "WishList".  If
there is a feature request that does not fit into any of the categories, I
guess we should revise them.


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