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[Axiom-developer] "fixed proposed"

From: Martin Rubey
Subject: [Axiom-developer] "fixed proposed"
Date: 25 Jan 2008 08:42:52 +0100
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Dear bug masters :-),

so far I made all (well, mostly algebra) bugs that are fixed in FriCAS "fix
proposed" on IssueTracker.  The reason being that I would like to see at a
glance which bugs are open, and with the philosophy that everybody could just
diff the algebra sources and get the fix from the FriCAS sources.

However, there are also important bug fixes in open-axiom.  Gaby has added a
comment "fixed in OpenAxiom", which is fine.  But I really think that it is
unfair treatment not to change status to "fix proposed" there, even if it may
be more difficult to port them to the other axioms.

I see two possibilities:

1) mark them also "fix proposed"

2) have more possible statuses.  My earlier proposal (with a total of 2^3 = 8
   statuses) was rejected.  Maybe somebody has a better idea, but I really
   would like to be able to filter the bugs which have been fixed in OpenAxiom
   but not in FriCAS.

In any case, I dislike the situation as it is now - I do not want to see
OpenAxiom treated differently then OpenAxiom.


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