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[Axiom-developer] Axiom January 2008 release

From: daly
Subject: [Axiom-developer] Axiom January 2008 release
Date: Fri, 25 Jan 2008 16:14:58 -0600

Summary: January 2008 release

There have been two major concentrations of effort in this release.

The first concentration was on the new Firefox Hyperdoc and the
second concentration was the verification of Axiom against
publish standards.

Firefox Hyperdoc

The Firefox Hyperdoc has been integrated with the rest of the
interpreter. The new )browse command causes Axiom to listen and
serve hyperdoc pages on port 8085. 

The interpreter was changed to add the )browse command. As a 
side-effect new documentation was added to the interpreter
volume (bookvol5) to explain top-level command handling. In
addition, lisp and boot code was rewritten as part of the
literate change.

New sections were added to cover the beginning of the Computer
Algebra Test Suite (CATS) subsection which brings a focus on
compliance with published standards.

Arthur Ralf's mathml-enabled version of the Jenks book is fully
integrated into the Firefox Hyperdoc. Arthur also fixed some
rendering and ambiguity issues.

  axbook.tgz              fix the user/group settings
  axserver.spad           fix lastType output re: errors
  bookvol5                browse and top-level command handling 
  bookvol11               add standards compliance for gamma
  gammacomplexinverse.png added
  gammacomplex.png        added
  gammareal3.png          added
  loggamma.png            added
  mathml.spad             fix ambiguity bug in mathml output
  mathml.spad             fix hex(10) mathml rendering 
  mathml.spad             fix F,3 mathml rendering 
  mathml.spad             remove code to eat %% 
  psi.png                 added 

Standards Verification

The Computer Algebra Test Suite (CATS) effort checks the results
that Axiom generates against published results. Axiom has an
extensive set of regression tests (the KAMKE suite) for ordinary
differential equations, for integration (the SCHAUM suite), and
for numeric special functions (the ABRAMOWITZ suite). In addition,
results have been checked against Mathematica, Maple, and Maxima.

  asinatan.input   regression for the functions asin and atan
  asinhatanh.input regression for the functions asinh and atanh
  besselk.input    regression for the function besselK
  e1.input         regression for the function E1
  en.input         regression for the function En
  exp.input        regression for the function exp
  gamma.input      regression for the function gamma
  log.input        regression for the functions log
  pfaffian.input   regression for the function pfaffian
  seccsc.input     regression for the functions sec and csc
  sincos.input     regression for the functions sin and cos
  sinhcosh.input   regression for the functions sinh and cosh
  tancot.input     regression for the functions tan and cot
  tanhcoth.input   regression for the functions tanh and coth

New Functions Added

Axiom is missing various special functions found in other computer
algebra systems. This release adds two new ones, the Exponential
Integral E1 and the higher order Exponential Integral En.  These have
been tested against the publish results.

  special.spad E1 added
  special.spad En added

Bugs Fixed

There are 15 bug fixes in this release:

  bug 7015: fix hex(10) mathml rendering
  bug 7016: remove code to eat %% 
  bug 7019: fix F,3 mathml rendering 
  bug 7023: discardGraph free corrected 
  bug 7042: ignore regression test gensym
  bug 7045: wrong Makefile for Xpm fix 
  bug 7052: spurious remake of axbook
  bug 7054: /home/silver path in bookvol11
  bug 7057: ambiguity in mathml
  bug 7089/343: FreeAbelianGroup order 
  bug 7090/355 handle besselK
  bug 7093: Function name fix
  bug 7100/149: numlock in hyperdoc
  bug 7101/204: MoreSystemCommand unnecessary loading 
  bug 7102/412: Equality testing in TableAggregate 

Regression test fixes

As changes happen in the system the regression tests are updated
to reflect the new conditions. Changing the category of PositiveInteger
caused (a + -bi) to print as (a - bi). New builds raised gensym faults
which were fixed. And new builds change random numbers so the tests
that depend on them are marked "ok" despite failures due to randomness.
The FreeAbelianGroup bug is tested.

  acplot.spad     fix output form of negative numbers
  calculus2.input fix function names 
  classtalk.input ignore gensyms
  collect.input   fix function names 
  dfloat.input    handle negative number output
  easter.input    fix function names 
  elemnum.input   handle negative number output
  exlap.input     fix function names 
  exsum.input     fix function names 
  free.input      added to test bug
  grpthry.input   mark random generation failures ok
  grpthry.input   fix function names 
  ico.input       mark random generation failures ok
  intg0.input     ignore gensyms
  is.input        type declare function
  kamke3.input    mark random generation failures ok
  knot2.input     fix function names 
  lodo.spad       ignore regression test gensym 
  mapleok.input   ignore gensyms
  mathml.input    handle new mathml sub/sup change
  ndftip.input    fix missing blank lines
  pmint.input     rewritten
  repa6.input     fix function names 
  r20bugs.input   change spacing
  sf.spad         fix output form of negative numbers
  tbagg.input     regression for equality testing in TableAggregate

Algebra file changes

The fundamental change was a supposedly transparent move of
the category for PositiveInteger. This had the effect of changing
the output form and broke several regression tests. Some mathml
issues were fixed. The new functions E1 and En were added. The
FreeAbelianGroup bug was fixed.

  axserver.spad  fix lastType output re: errors
  acplot.spad    fix output form of negative numbers
  combfunc.spad  fix bold font handling
  integer.spad   category change for PositiveInteger
  sf.spad fix    output form of negative numbers
  sf.spad        handle besselK
  op.spad        handle besselK 
  combfunc.spad  handle besselK 
  free.spad      fix FreeAbelianGroup bug 
  special.spad   add E1
  special.spad   add En
  mathml.spad    fix ambiguity bug in mathml output
  mathml.spad    fix hex(10) mathml rendering 
  mathml.spad    fix F,3 mathml rendering 
  mathml.spad    remove code to eat %% 

Interpreter changes

The primary changes are the addition of bookvol11 for the Firefox
Hyperdoc and the literate documentation of the top level command
handling in bookvol5 (the interpreter) along with rewrites of the
lisp/boot code.

  bootfuns.lisp move $systemCommands to bookvol5
  bookvol5      browse and top-level command handling
  bookvol11     added
  http.lisp     mathObject2String for hex(10) 
  incl.boot     move incBiteOff to bookvol5
  intint.lisp   move setCurrentLine to bookvol5
  int-top.boot  move ncloopCommand, etc. to bookvol5
  i-syscmd.boot move $SYSCOMMANDS to bookvol5
  Makefile      wrong Makefile for Xpm fix 
  makegraph.c   discardGraph free corrected 
  nci.lisp      move ncloopInclude to bookvol5
  setq.lisp     move command initialization to bookvol5

Documentation changes

  bookvol5      explain top level input handling (lisp/boot rewrite)
  combfunc.spad fix bold font handling
  axiom.sty     add binom 

Patches released


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