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[Axiom-developer] GitHub Axiom gold mirror

From: daly
Subject: [Axiom-developer] GitHub Axiom gold mirror
Date: Wed, 27 Feb 2008 21:23:40 -0600

As you know, Axiom silver is being maintained in a git repository.
Gold is avaiable in an arch repo, a cvs repo, and an svn repo.

Gold will now be available in a git repo on GitHub.

If you haven't upgraded to using git as your source code repository
I can't recommend it highly enough. It is a fantastic piece of software
that has changed the way I work. I can maintain 2 dozen branches 
locally, commit freely on each branch, and merge any completed work
back to the master branch trivially. This allows me to work on many
different problems in parallel so no single piece of work blocks
progress. Branching is cheap and easy.

In addition, I can commit to the master branch locally which means
that I can "close out and document" a piece of completed work without
being connected to the net. This allows me to "finish and move on".

These two features alone make git exceptionally useful. But wait, 
there's more! It has CVS/SVN "covers" so you don't have to change
the legacy command set you use, if you're in legacy-human mode.
And it is fast. Blindingly fast. Given a parallel change to git
and SVN (which I do all the time) I can do a git-push to the host
in the time it takes for SVN to print one of the dots in its row
of commit ......

Really, do yourself a favor and make the switch.

Axiom Gold will now be available on GitHub which is a new git hosting site.

The current checked-in version is silver, which is later than the 
January release. Future versions on this site will be updated for
each release of Axiom, planned for every other month.

This is a git repository. You can get a local cloned copy with:

git-clone git://

Silver, the bleeding edge of Axiom is on 
(This git silver repository is mirrored into svn at

A copy of silver can be cloned from axiom-developer with:

git-clone ssh://address@hidden/home/git/silver (linus)


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