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Re: [Axiom-developer] aldor/axiom interoperability

From: Gregory Vanuxem
Subject: Re: [Axiom-developer] aldor/axiom interoperability
Date: Thu, 13 Mar 2008 22:21:44 +0100

Dear Peter, *

I was waiting for your small Aldor patch and never see it. Did you send
it somewhere ? The main concern of this mail is if you are able to
compile (attached) and _execute_ the
LenstraEllipticMethod(Integer) function. On my system it fails, a bug
somewhere. Am I alone with this issue ?  Martin ? I'm still using the
old build process and want to switch to the new one but this stops me. I
do not want to take your time but maybe you have an idea of what's going
on with this issue.

The output is :

Looking in OutputPackage() for ??349042727  with code 483270060
and an error message : "export not found"


PS : I precise that I applied one of your patchs, sorry I don't remember
which one, to be able to use recent versions of Aldor. The problem
mentioned here still remains on my machine.

Le jeudi 17 janvier 2008 à 09:32 +0000, Peter Broadbery a écrit :
> Finally got round to looking at this.
> The code attached can be used to build the axiom/aldor interopability
> library (
> New features:
> Less abuse of make features (though I've only used a recent version of
> make, and have used some newer features)
> Dependency on java removed.
> Cleaner build process - all the dependency analysis is done in the
> aldor code.  It should be more data driven, but it isn't.
> There's a small aldor patch that I'll send along this evening.
> Peter
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