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[Axiom-developer] out of space

From: William Sit
Subject: [Axiom-developer] out of space
Date: Thu, 03 Apr 2008 00:17:50 -0400

I ran a computation (computing the radical of an ideal) that
aborted after 9 days with this message:

-- f0 is y0^2-x0^3, and f1, f2, f3 are the first, second and
third derivative of f0
-- when x1, x2, x3 (and y1, y2, y3) are interpreted as
first, second and third
-- derivatives of x0 (and y0) respectively. However, this is
just an algebraic
-- computation

(14) -> id3:=ideal([f0,f1,f2,f3])

        2     3
2                        2         2        2
   [y0  - x0 , 2y1 y0 - 3x1 x0 , 2y2 y0 - 3x2 x0  + 2y1  -
6x1 x0,

2                                          3
    2y3 y0 - 3x3 x0  + 6y2 y1 - 18x2 x1 x0 - 6x1 ]
Type: PolynomialIdeals(Fraction

x3,y2,x2,y1,x1,y0,x0],Fraction Integer))

Time: 0 sec
(15) -> rid3:=radical(id3)

   >> System error:
   The storage for VECTOR is exhausted.
Currently, 10765 pages are allocated.
Use ALLOCATE to expand the space.

protected-symbol-warn called with (NIL)

Question: How exactly do I issue an ALLOCATE command? Also,
it is possible (if so, how) to continue the computation
after an ALLOCATE command or do I have to start over?


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