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[Axiom-developer] Re: Project

From: Arthur Ralfs
Subject: [Axiom-developer] Re: Project
Date: Sun, 20 Apr 2008 08:52:48 -0700
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Hi Ralf,

My own perspective in what I'm doing is authoring mathematical web documents
that can be live by connecting to a CAS somewhere on a server. All tools I use must be completely free and open source, but in addition it is very important to me that somebody should be able to navigate to a URL and get full mathematical content without having to download or install anything. I realized this was a
possibility about three years ago when I noticed that Firefox supported both
MathML and SVG.  Axiom/FriCAS/OpenAxiom serve as a backend to make the
document live. I could use something else as a backend but when I first started
and looked around at what was available Axiom looked best.

I checked out Sage when I first heard about it and it didn't seem to be what I wanted. Certainly Sage is an excellent project and with all this discussion I've just downloaded and compiled the latest version so I can take a closer look at it's current status.


Ralf Hemmecke wrote:
I simply don't know on which mailing list I should send it. Forward it if you like.

This is based completely on Arthur's work. First it uses his
axserver.spad package
which basically opens a TCP port to communicate to Axiom. This is basically
what Tim is using for his replacement of Hyperdoc.

Also, it uses the MathML package developed by Arthur, to display the answer in the web browser. Arthur also created the initial worksheet style interface.

I have added some functions that allow to browse the databases (based on some
functions by Tim.). I have modified it so it looks like the Sage
Notebook. It can be ran from a remote machine also.
> The Sage notebook is nice, but it depends on
having Sage on your system. Plus this can be run in Windows without a problem.
Currently is very simple, but I see a lot of potential in it.

Cannot the Sage-Notebook be tweaked for Axiom? Or is your (and Arthur's) stuff simply better. Or is the sage notebook not easily made appropriate for Axiom?

Currently I am working with Fricas and Axiom...OpenAxiom is almost there, we
just need the MathML output. The current name is jyperdoc, but this
will change in
the future. (As soon as Arthur decides on another name :-)

You can check out the code from here:

Arthur initial interface is at:

There is a README file that tells you how to run it, but basically is just start
Fricas/Axiom from inside the directory and then )read jyperdoc.input

Good. I did that. With axserver running the fan of my laptop immediately starts spinning. The CPU is at about 60% working. And I am doing nothing. I have not even typed a single command.

I am a bit puzzled. There must be something strange going on here. But all I did was to checkout trunk, start FriCAS' AXIOMsys

                 FriCAS (AXIOM fork) Computer Algebra System
                         Version: FriCAS 2008-01-18
               Timestamp: Monday January 21, 2008 at 19:44:19

and then )read jyperdoc.input .

You can then open the browser to http://
To evaluate a cell, type shift and enter. Hitting enter will create a
new line. Multiple
lines are allowed.  If you click on the answer you will see more
options created by
Arthur that allow to change the order of the cells, and even include
tex code around
the cells (documentation is needed about this).

The window that is poping up has the same color as the background (white). That looks ugly. I also seem to have some problem with firefox, since suddenly there were several of these little windows that I had to close one by one.

I have added an initial type of editor based on codepress, that allows for SPAD
syntax highlighting. Here is where I think we can add noweb and
ALLPROSE support.

Ah. Then it should be enough to support noweb. ALLPROSE is a framework to compile Aldor libraries. Syntax is Noweb+Aldor.

Things that I will like to add in the future is allow graphs 2D/3D
(Arthur is working
on this) and allow it to display the current ht pages from HyperDoc. Martin gave
me an idea with his code that I may explore.

If you have any suggestions, please let me know. Anything you think it should
be removed or added, or of interest for ALLPROSE.

When I see the output of Axiom, like "Polynomial(Integer)", both of these should be clickable and point to their documentation. I have not been able to see something like Hyperdoc.

I have erronously typed


(no jyperdoc.xhtml at the end)

Then fricas said:

axServer(8085, multiServ)$AXSERV

multiServ begin
request type: GET
getFile: //home/hemmecke/SVK/jyperdoc
getContentType begin

   >> Error detected within library code:
   index out of bound


Some nasty questions...

What is the reason to develop yet another notebook and not take the one from Sage? Is Sage's webinterface not able to deal with axiom? What are the deficiencies wrt Axiom?

Axiom is so huge, so if Sage would be a part of Axiom that just handles the web interface, why not?

Shouldn't it already be possible to show graphics with the Sage notebook?


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