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[Axiom-developer] Mathrider update

From: Ted Kosan
Subject: [Axiom-developer] Mathrider update
Date: Tue, 4 Nov 2008 18:40:56 -0500

For those who don't know yet, MathRider ( is a
new mathematics computing environment which has the following

- Supports multiple scripting languages (for both extension of the
application and general use).
- Interactive 2D graphics (including XY plots and network graphs).
- Interactive 3D graphics on the way.
- Syntax highlighting for over 150 file types.
- Numerous programmer's text editor tools.
- Console interface.
- Worksheet interface.
- A Robust plugin architecture that enables MathRider to be extended
to almost any feasible level.

MathRider currently includes an entry-level Lisp-based CAS called
MathPiper.  MathPiper is significantly easier to learn than Maxima or
Axiom, but it is also designed to teach CAS beginners the skills
needed to successfully move on to more sophisticated CAS systems.  One
way to look at MathPiper is as a way to prepare CAS beginners to
successfully enter the Maxima and Axiom communities.

The marketing strategy for MathPiper is based on the observation that
the largest group of mathematics computing users in the world are
scientific calculator users.  MathPiper is not able to successfully
compete with more advanced CAS systems like Mathematica, but it is
much more powerful than most scientific calculators and therefore it
should be able to successfully compete with them.

Since most scientific calculator users are high school and college
students, MathPiper is being specifically targeted at this group.
Towards this end, I am writing what appears to be one of the first CAS
books which is designed for the needs of beginners and I have begun
testing it on students in the 11-18 year old age range.

If anyone would like to look at the current version of this book
(which is called "MathRider for Newbies") it can be obtained here:

What is the current status of using Maxima and Axiom with MathRider?
Maxima works with MathRider at an experimental level (which has not
been released yet) and I am currently studying Axiom to determine a
good way to interface with it.

If anyone would like to get a feel for what using Axiom or Maxima with
MathRider will be like when they are supported, I encourage you to
download MathRider and play with it.  If there are capabilities you
would like to see MathRider have, let me know and I will look into
adding them.

Also, if you know any CAS beginners (especially young people) who
might be interested in learning how to use a CAS, please let them know
about MathRider.

Thanks :-)

Ted Kosan
ted.kosan at

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