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[Axiom-developer] Computer Algebra Test Suite (CATS)

From: root
Subject: [Axiom-developer] Computer Algebra Test Suite (CATS)
Date: Wed, 26 Nov 2008 02:13:12 -0500


Were you just interested in integration or do you intend to work on a
full test suite? If you're interested in building a larger test suite
I'd be happy to work with you (or others) on areas that interest both
Axiom and Sage. Indeed, this might be a good way for students and
mathematicians who don't program to contribute to Sage.

As you know, the CATS idea is that we establish a common test suite
among the various systems so that we can leverage the test effort
from any one system for the benefit of all. Testing is important and
in very short supply.

Ideally we would have independently created and verified mathematics
(like the standard integration tables, ODEs, polynomial factorization)
organized in some rational way.  Then we show that every system using
the suite gets equivalent answers. For areas where Axiom implements
the mathematics I'm willing to do the heavy lifting of getting the
original mathematics into an initial, machine readable form. And I'm
willing to run the test suite through Axiom to create an initial set
of results.

When Sage decides to develop various facilities (like integration)
in native form these test suites would be very valuable. The test
suites would also be useful as user documentation for Sage.

Axiom already has over 600 input files used to test various parts
of the system. Comparing these results with other subsystems of
Sage would provide a valuable cross-check.

Tim Daly

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