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[Axiom-developer] January 2009 Release

From: daly
Subject: [Axiom-developer] January 2009 Release
Date: Fri, 23 Jan 2009 02:51:54 -0600

All of the repositories except Savannah CVS are up to date.
CVS, as usual, has to give me grief. The fix will take a while.
The release notes are attached.

Binaries will appear on the download website as they are generated.



January 2009 Release Notes

One major theme of this release was restructuring the system
to move all domains to literate form in book volume 10.3

A second major theme was the first Axiom youtube tutorial video.

Book Volume 0: Axiom Reference

  Remove obsolete references to SmallFloat

Book Volume 1: Axiom Tutorial

  Remove obsolete references to SmallFloat

Book Volume 4: Axiom Developers Guide

  Add section on generating graphviz graphs

Book Volume 7.1: Axiom Hyperdoc

  Give a complete path to htadd

Book Volume 10.3 Axiom Domains

  All domains have been removed from the algebra subdirectory 
  and are now in literate form in book volume 10.3. Some
  domains include a help file, a regression test suite, and
  --X function examples for the )display command. Future work
  will extend this set.

  Each domain has a fully indexed list of functions exported.
  This allows hyperlinked access to functions.

  Each domain includes a graph segment that shows the list of
  categories, domains, and packages that provide immediate
  support in the prior build layer.

  Each domain includes a dotabb chunk which contains the
  source code necessary to recreate the graph.

  Domains which were associated with other domains in the same
  original spad file have hyperlinks to connect them.

Book Volume 11: Axiom Browser

  Lighten Bayou theme background image

Axiom Website (src/axiom-website)
  The axiom website is now under git control.
  The source tree is in src/axiom-website in the distribution.

  The build order graph exists. It contains a graph of all the
  constraints for each level. A line in the graph connects each
  category, domain, and package to every category, domain, and
  package in the prior layer that is required for the build.
  Multilayer constraints are not shown (although the data is
  in src/algebra/Makefile chunks) because the graph would be 
  too complex.

  The Computer Algebra Test Suite (CATS) has a new test suite
  for ordinary differential equations (kamke*)

  The Ubuntu download now advises XTerm*metaSendsEscape: true
  due to misconfiguration of the meta key in emacs.

  A new binary for vector linux was added

  A new binary for doyen thumbdrive was added
  (work by Jose Alfredo Portes)

  The screenshots were recreated so the sources would be available.
  for matrixinmatrix.jpg, heatequation.jpg, axiomfirefox.jpg

  The Axiom Information Sources video page was added, including
  a link to the youtube video, a local copy, and the supporting PDF.

  A broken link to Book Volume 0: Axiom Reference was fixed.

Algebra (src/algebra)

  All domains were removed from spad files and moved to 
  Book Volume 10.3 Axiom Domains

  The Makefile now contains the information necessary to
  construct the build order graph as literate chunks.

  The layers were restructured. Files were moved to ensure
  that each file was at its lowest possible layer.

  The Guess package was added. However, due to nonstandard
  package files the guess function does not yet work properly.
  These packages are being rewritten.

  The Guess package has circular references. A new clique
  mechanism was added to the Makefile to handle this.

  Automatic regression test files associated with the algebra
  sources were reviewed for conforming to regression standards.

  integer.spad was reverted to remove an algebra change that
  causes a regression (cherry picked from Fricas in 2007)

Interpreter (src/interp)

  Tim Lahey added to )credits
  Karl Hegbloom added to )credits

  htcheck.boot moves to the mnt/doc directory

  setq.lisp no longer had redundant release data information
  nrunfast.boot Float has exp : Float -> Float now works
  This change was cherry-picked from Fricas.

Testing (src/input)

  All regression test files were reviewed and cleaned to
  conform to a standard setup.

  A parallel build race condition was fixed in the Makefile

  xpbwpoly.input was removed as it is now associated with
  its source domain and automatically generated.

  hyperbolicrules.input was added

  Tim Lahey submitted a fix for bugs in schaum17.input

  A cherry-picked patch from Fricas in 2007 was removed
  because it causes an algebra regression. The regression
  test file was corrected.

  fixed.input was converted to a regression test file

Build process

  The lsp/Makefile was updated for GCL pre3 patches

  An ubuntu64 chunk was added as a system target

  src/Makefile outputs before compiles (bug 7146)

  books/Makefile uses bash SHELL to fix echo behavior.
  The standard sh echo behaves badly.

  books/Makefile now has amssymb in preamble for toc.tex

GCL (zips)

  Axiom now includes GCL pre3, the latest snapshot of GCL.
  This can be chosen as an option for building in the top
  level Makefile.pamphlet

  The lsp/Makefile was updated for GCL pre3 patches


  FAQ 49: How do I get the lastest GCL?


  Tim Lahey added
  Karl Hegbloom added

  The date information for releases was removed as it is
  available elsewhere

  A John Gorka quote was added:
  "What matters the most is what you do for free" -- John Gorka


  Add information about Documentation

  Add link to youtube video

  New screenshots were added


  Axiom Information Sources video was created and uploaded
  To date there have been 498 views


  Gain administrative access to for Axiom (Page)

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