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[Axiom-developer] git in Axiom source download

From: daly
Subject: [Axiom-developer] git in Axiom source download
Date: Sun, 25 Jan 2009 05:26:10 -0600

The Axiom source downloads from
contain not only the sources but a complete git tree. Thus, you can keep up 
to date with the silver development (experimental, pre-release) by doing 
the following:

(get the sources and git tree)

(unpack the sources)
tar -zxf axiom-jan2009-src.tgz

(go to the top of Axiom)
cd axiom

(tell git to fetch and merge the latest commit changes)
git pull (the magic word is linus)

Any time a patch is announced you can bring your copy up to date with a
git pull.

In general, I try not to "break the build" so every posted patch is 
compiled from scratch and all tests are run before posting. However,
given that I do this work into the wee hours of the morning I make no

If you fix anything, such as a change to the file src/place/foo.file
you would do:

(make sure you are at the top of axiom)
  cd axiom

(tell git what changed, could be multiple adds)
  git add src/place/foo.file

(tell git to commit the changes)
  git commit -m"fixed foo"

(tell git to make a diff -Naur patch file)
  git diff HEAD^ HEAD >foo.patch

(post it to the list and copy me)
  mail -s "foo fix" -c address@hidden address@hidden <foo.patch


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