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[Axiom-developer] OpenMath and Axiom (resend)

From: root
Subject: [Axiom-developer] OpenMath and Axiom (resend)
Date: Tue, 17 Mar 2009 08:52:06 -0500

> You may have heard about the SCIEnce project (Symbolic Computation
> Infrastructure for Europe, ).
> Recent activities in that project include the development and
> implementation of a protocol called ``Symbolic Computation Software
> Composability Protocol'', abbreviated SCSCP. The protocol aims to
> provide unified communication between different CASes or different
> instances of one CAS, on one or more computers, clusters, and even
> grids. The protocol is XML-based; in particular, the protocol messages
> are in the OpenMath language. At the moment of writing the protocol has
> reached version 1.3 and both client and server implementations exist in
> GAP, KANT, Maple, and MuPAD.
> Peter Horn and myself have made a Java-library for OpenMath and SCSCP.
> We have now officially released the first version, non-surprisingly
> numbered 1.0.0. It is available for download from:
> where you can also find (some) documentation and a screencast: A
> movie-version of a presentation we recently gave on this subject.
> The OpenMath library (org.symcomp.openmath) supports OpenMath 2 XML,
> OpenMath 2 Binary, Popcorn, en LaTeX export. It is easily extensible and
> is packed with convenience-methods for assembling and analyzing
> object-trees.
> The SCSCP library (org.symcomp.scscp) makes it easy to create both
> client and server applications, and contains helpful examples. Moreover,
> it is fully SCSCP 1.3-compliant.
> Spread the word!

How is this related to the previous OpenMath work?
Axiom has OpenMath code. Can I expect that to work?

Tim Daly
Axiom Lead Developer

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