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Re: [Axiom-developer] "empty list" results, inverse trig substitutions,

From: William Sit
Subject: Re: [Axiom-developer] "empty list" results, inverse trig substitutions, "Floats" in "solve"
Date: Sun, 04 Oct 2009 13:02:10 -0400

Hi James:


is an "incorrectly" constructed command. The "solve" function that was applicable in


is available for the domain List Equation Fraction Polynomial Integer (from the package FLOATRP) but is not available when Integer is replaced by Float.

According to documentation from FLOATRP, "solve(leq, eps)" finds all the real solutions of the system leq of equations of *rational* functions with respect to all the variables appearing in lp [sic:leq], with precision eps.

Thus, despite the package is called with FLOATRP(FLOAT), the leq must be from List equation Fraction Polynomial Integer. I think the reason is that the package uses Groebner basis. See numsolve.spad for source: the restriction is given near the top, in package InnerNumericFloatingSolver (K specifies the coefficient field of the input polynomials and must be either Fraction Integer or Complex(Fraction Integer).


On Fri, 02 Oct 2009 13:29:29 -0600
 James <address@hidden> wrote:
I'm new to axiom, using it for calculations. There seems to be odd behaviour when using "solve" on a list of equations. This is with the most recent axiom binary package, Version Axiom (May 2009), on Ubuntu 8.10 "intrepid". For

 (8) -> solve([a=3+x,b=1-x,x=2],[a,b])
 (8)  []
Type: List List Equation Fraction Polynomial Integer

So, the answer is "the empty list"?! That's not very useful, and seems not
correct either.  What am I missing here?

Then instead:

 (9) -> solve([a=3+x,b=1-x,x=2],[a,b,x])
 (9) ->
   (9)  [[a= 5,b= - 1,x= 2]]
Type: List List Equation Fraction Polynomial Integer

That works.  Why?

Similarly, axiom seems confused about finding substitutions. For instance:

(12) -> solve([ tan(bt)=(a*r)/(s*(r-d)), x=100*cos(bt), y=d*sin(bt)],[x,y,bt])
 (12) ->
    (12)  [[]]
Type: List List Equation Expression Integer

Here, "the empty list" again - why?

If, instead, I "spell it out" for axiom, by taking the arctan instead, then

(13) -> solve([bt=atan((a*r)/(s*(r-d))),x=100*cos(bt),y=d*sin(bt)],[x,y,bt])
 (13) ->
(100r - 100d)s a d r [x= ----------------------------, y= ----------------------------, +-------------------------+ +-------------------------+ | 2 2 2 2 2 | 2 2 2 2 2 \|(r - 2d r + d )s + a r \|(r - 2d r + d )s + a r
                   a r
       bt= atan(--------)]
                (r - d)s
Type: List List Equation Expression Integer

Axiom doesn't know about substituting inverse trig functions by itself?

But then, again,

(14) -> solve([bt=atan((a*r)/(s*(r-d))),x=100*cos(bt),y=d*sin(bt)],[x,y])
 (14) ->
    (14)  [[]]
Type: List List Equation Expression Integer

Arrrrgh! Ok, why is that again, returning "the empty list" when using "solve"
with the truncated list of variables?

On anther topic, "Floats" in "solve", where this works, mixing integers and

 (16) -> solve([a=3+x,b=1-x,x=2.0],[a,b,x])
    (16)  [[a= 5.0,b= - 1.0,x= 2.0]]
Type: List List Equation Fraction Polynomial Float

and this works:

 (17) -> solve([a=3+x,b=1-x,x=2],0.001)
   (17)  [[x= 2.0,a= 5.0,b= - 1.0]]
Type: List List Equation Polynomial Float

doing this, using "x=2.0" instead of "x=2":

 (18) -> solve([a=3+x,b=1-x,x=2.0],0.001)
There are 20 exposed and 3 unexposed library operations named solve having 2 argument(s) but none was determined to be applicable.
Cannot find a definition or applicable library operation named solve
      with argument type(s)
                       List Equation Polynomial Float

Arrrrgh! - the dreaded "none was determined to be applicable"!
Does that make sense, that?

Thanks in advance for any clues!  Are these bugs?


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